Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I've Been Inspired by Jasmin French Beads

But I don't want to copy her.  Jasmin French makes these amazingly fun beads and the photo below shows a set I just had to have of hers!

Jasmin just recently published a tutorial in Soda Lime Times of some awesome beads that she makes.  She generally uses awesome colors, enamel and she presses them into a tab shape.  Here are the beads she made for her tutorial. Very happy right?

Now, I have been making squeezed beads or tab beads since 2007 - here are some photos of beads I have made since then (some I want to go back and make again, if I can remember how!).

But they aren't really "happy" beads are they?  And would I love to make beads just like Jasmin French?  Without a doubt!  But that wouldn't really be right, nor would it be my style.  But I did take her tutorial and put my own take on some beads the other night. 

I used enamels and stringer and made some happy beads, but still in what I consider to be my style.  I really like them too!  Is there a lesson here?  No, not really.  Just that you can be influenced by someone but not do exactly what they do.  You can take an idea and run with it! 

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  1. Your new happy beads are so much fun!! I love the colours you used and the design is really cute. They definitely bring a smile to my face. I'll be looking for some soon!

  2. Her beads are so cool!! I love your take on her beads, definitely HAPPY!!!

  3. Totally Happy after seeing these beads!

  4. Sue, your beads are indeed very happy and in your own unique style, which I quite like, by the way. The one set with the muted green, reminds me of Monet's Water Lillies painting, the blending, the colors and that painting always makes me smile.

  5. The bright colour combinations are gorgeous in both designer's beads! Just keep practicing, tweaking and playing with shapes and design elements that you are drawn to and quickly you will find your own voice in this new technique! And please keep us posted on your developments via your posts!!!


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