Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Call me Stash Buster!

Hi my name is Kristen and the last bead purchase I made was December 31, 2014.
This picture is loaded with some awesomeness including the new Kheops, Czechmate triangles and bricks, Rullas and Chexx!  I got those in just under the wire.

And with that the request edict demand requirement challenge has been made for that to be the last bead purchase for 6 months.

I know I did that too!  So many new beads come out everyday whether they come from the Art Bead community or the manufacturers that make the cool accents beads us seed beaders love.  I may have fainted during the conversation because the goodies that I will have to wait for were spinning around in my head.
But really you do not need to feel that bad because this is my bead stash.

Now I know how organized it looks and for the most part it is because I do most of my beading at the couch during TV time.  And this is also what we see as soon as we walk in the basement door so that is why it is organized like that.  A little OCD too.  That may also be the reason my husband seems to think I have enough beads.  Humm we may have to re think this arrangement.

If you have been following this month we have all been on a stash busting kick.  I think it is a good way to start the year as well.  If you would like to join us please go here to see the rules and sign up.

So of course you want to see a sampling of what I intend to bust right?  This is part of my team stash.  I have pieces from almost every member to play with.

So has this happened to you?  Do you think you want to play along with us?  Do you think I will make it 6 months?


  1. A 6 month freeze is tough to stick too, but I do have to say that between that recent order and the AJE art beads you have a pretty good stash to work with. Good luck!

  2. Omg, you should see my stash. I feel (a little) guilty, yet totally happily giddy, every time I look at it. Ok, I am going to challenge myself to stick to the '6 month no buying rule' right now to see if I can do it (I may faint also). It will be hard, because I am going to Spring BeadFest Philadelphia this year. My goal there was to learn thru lots of workshops and to only do some 'window-shopping' in-between. I WILL try!

  3. Hi Kristen, Thanx for sharing. I know I could not stick to 6 months with no new beads. Good luck with that.I enjoyed seeing your stash.

  4. I hear you - I pulled out all my cabochons last night to look for something and it was a little embarrassing. Even so, I'm pretty sure I couldn't go for six months without buying more... yikes. More power to you!

  5. That's a difficult challenge, but you are super beader, you can totally do this!


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