Monday, December 8, 2014

Wrapped Disc Earring Tutorial

* You'll need 20 or 22 gauge wire, I'm using Copper.
 The gauge is somewhat of a preference unless you have small beads that force you to use a finer gauge.

* Disc beads with large holes.
In this case I used gogeous Lampwork beads by Sheila Davis.

* A small amount of Sari Silk Ribbon to coordinate or match the rest of your pieces.

* A Pair of beads or 3 smaller discs of flat beads that can be stacked.

Roughly pull the Sari Silk through the hole a couple of times, then start pulling the wire through.

You can either use 3 strands or more depending on the look you're going for.
However many you choose to use start on the outside and end in the center so you have wire to string your second bead.
Bend the center wire at 90 degrees and secure it with the other wire and cut away the excess.

String your bead and create the ring to add your earwire.

Wrap more Sari Silk in between then wrap it with more wire and trim the excess and tuck the wire ends in.

I made this pair with finer gauge wire so I could string the triple freshwater pearls.
I did a much rougher job on the wrapping as well which is usually my preference.
You can be neat and tidy or messy depending on the look you are going for on your finihshed pieces.



  1. LOVE these Kristi! I'm going to have to try it out… thanks for sharing!

  2. Ooooo. Thank you Kristi! I love your style of this particular earring!

  3. Love these and have pinned them. Thank you so much for sharing them.


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