Sunday, December 14, 2014

Snowy Beads and Jewelry

With winter in full swing, and snow all around, (and stuck in my house all week from a winter storm), I was inspired to share a little visual tour of snowflake jewelry and beads. Enjoy!

Snowflake photograph by Don Komarechka

My back yard, with the pups Casey and Ulla playing in the snow - the smears on the window
are from Ulla jumping up onto the glass when she wants to come in.

Snowflake earrings by Linda Landig.

Glass snowflake beads by Donna Millard.

Snowflake nugget bead by nkpdesigns.

Stoneware snowflake bead by Suburban Girl Studio.

Snowy headpins by SueBeads.

Rustic stoneware snowflake pendant by Linda Landig.

Ceramic snowflake pendant by Blueberribeads.

Snowflake bead set by Gaea.

Snowflake pendant by Thea Elements.

Snowflake beads by The Classic Bead.

Snowflake pendants by HumbleBeads.

Snowflake beads by Kylie Parry.

Snowflake pendant by White Clover Kiln.


  1. How lovely to be in such beautiful company....Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you Karen! I love snowflake beads and wintry inspirations.

  3. So fun to see some of my very favorite bead designers using snowflakes, a theme which is my favorite for winter! Thanks for sharing these! --Sharyl

  4. Wonderful theme! It was so fun to see my bead showcased along with those created by artists that I admire. Thank you!


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