Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spiral Play - Part 2

I know it has been a while since I posted part 1 of playing with spiral rope with seed beads.  I have been trying to find the inspiration piece with my new organization while still getting ready for my daughter to move back home and taking care of the normal day to day stuff.  Throw in some sickness and a holiday and here we are almost 2 months later.  If you missed part 1 you can find it here.

So one of the things that the girls on the team wanted to know is how to add art beads to a spiral rope.  I do not claim that this is THE way only that it is my way and seems to work best for me. 

First I have to tell you when I found this gorgeous set of stoneware beads by Diana of Suburban Girl Beads.  I just love Diana's stoneware beads they remind me of sand.  I know that may sound strange to some but I love beach sand.  I love the texture, warmth and the colors of it when the sun shines down.  I do not get to the beach often enough so these take me there.

Second I took the information that Jennifer shared on this post and used my phone to take all these pictures.  I would really like your opinion on how they show for you.
I started with this gorgeous set of Diana's beads and the colors of seeds that matched. Now some art beads have larger holes that seedies can sometimes slip through so for the core I choose size 8/0 seeds.  If the hole is really large choose either a 6/0 seed or use a bead spacer to keep the beads from slipping through.

Start your spiral rope and when you want to add the bead do so and add the next section of seeds like you were starting the rope from the beginning.

After you loop the beads and come back out of your core instead of starting the next round you will go back down through the spiral beads and through the art bead.  This is to reinforce the thread path because one thread through the art bead could lead to a breakage.

When you added the art bead you came out of the core.  When I am going back through the art bead I go through the spiral beads to center the art bead better.

And then of course now you will go through all the core beads, through the art bead and then the core beads on the opposite side then continue your spiral. 

This is how mine looks.  I will get a better picture after I clasp it.

So that is how it works for me.  If you give it a try please show me I would love to see what you do with it.



  1. Pretty, Pretty!! LOVE the colors and the design. You make me want to try seed beads. :-)

  2. Love this colour palette and the spiral rope is a perfect foil to Diana's beads - love it.

  3. pretty nice blog, following :)

  4. Kristen is is a great tutorial. I would not have thought of going back through the art bead again. It is also one of my favorite color schemes. The necklace I get the most compliments on is this color scheme.

  5. Great tutorial Kristen! Thanks again for sharing


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