Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bead Cruise Recap

 On Saturday morning my ship docked back in Bayonne, NJ.  I had just spent the last 8 days on the fabulous bead cruise hosted and organized by Heather Powers.  If you can go next year, DO IT.  I had the best time ever.  Here, let me show you...

The night we left port there was a meet and great and a pendant swap.  I created the layered stoneware pendant on the left.  I wire-wrapped the sea glass with bronze wire and finished it with silk ribbon.  I wanted it to have a "lost city of Atlantis" feel to it.  The amazing seed bead pendant on the right was what I received!  It was made by Wendy Zollars.  Thanks Wendy!

Our first full two days out at sea were spent in workshops.  I took a full-day cubic right angle weave workshop by Beverly Herman and Heather's cast away necklace for my half-day class.  I found CRAW to be horribly frustrating but Beverly had me doing it!  Bead weaving really isn't for me though and I"ll probably stick to bead embroidery (less counting, lol).  We used a bead spinner in Heather's class and I made a mess.  There were a LOT of beads stuck to the bottom of my pants by the end of the morning.

Dinners on the ship were fun (and tasty).  We had a whole group of tables for our party so you could sit with whomever you liked each night.

There was also a vendor night!  The teachers each set up a table with their wares (kits, tutorials, beads, etc...). Erin Siegel convinced me to go on the cruise and she was my roommate so I got to help set up her table for vending.  I LOVE merchandising!
After two days at sea, we stopped in the Bahamas.  I got to go snorkeling and then venture through the straw market.  Sadly, the straw market is mostly imported stuff and does not reflect the original purpose of supporting traditional handmade straw items on the island.
We got rained out the following day for CocoCay but we all ended up beading and creating fabulous jewelry.  On Wednesday, Barbara Bechtel came and picked us up at Port Canaveral. She took us over to Beads by Baker.  No, seriously.  This store was packed with czech glass, trade beads, seed beads, tools, gemstones, blah blah blah!
Yeah, for realz it was that awesome.  $$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!  ::wallet explodes::

After my wallet exploded, we did some additional non-bead shopping in the area.  Then Barbara dropped us back off at the ship and we headed back out to sea.  There were more workshops, yummy dinners and all sorts of fun stuff.
Random fun stuff from the cruise!

One evening there was a PJ beading party.  My awesome peeps here at AJE donated a bag FULL of awesome art bead/components and Glynna Merritt White was the lucky winner!  Congrats, Glynna!  I should also mention there was a crystal clay Make N Take (see lower right-hand photo).  I haven't finished my piece but I should probably work on that...

Our final evening at sea, Heather hosted a farewell party.  Those of us that created entries for the jewelry contest presented them that evening.  I made the three piece set on the left.

I had an amazing time on this trip.  I got to spend time with old friends, make new friends and finally meet friends I had only known via the internet.  Heather is going to release the details for the 2015 cruise later this spring.  I highly recommend going if you can.  I hope to be able to attend again next year.

Happy Beading!

Diana P.
Suburban Girl Studio LLC


  1. That trip looks amazing! Maybe next year..... Thanks for sharing :-D

  2. Lets just say I am totally jealous and so happy you had such a wonderful time!

  3. Wow - it sounds fantastic, I wish I was in the USA and go on these bead cruises

  4. This is something that Heather keeps inviting me to and I keep having to put off. But one of these days I will get to do it because there could be nothing better than beads AND beaches! Thanks for sharing all the fun! And I LOVE your jewelry (I'm not biased or anything! ;-)
    Enjoy the day!

  5. This is def on my Bucket List! Looks like you all had so much fun. How wonderful that Barbara Bechtel could spend the day with you!

  6. Looks like an amazing time! I hope to do it next year!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful time. Wish I was there. I love the pendant you created and the one you got even more.


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