Tuesday, April 15, 2014

PMC Class Update!

Remember when I took that PMC (Precious Metal Clay) class with Donna Penoyer?  I got my pieces back, and thought I would update you with the results. 

This is how they went to Donna - dry, but not fired.  She fired them at her studio, and when they were ready I went to pick them up.  Unfortunately, she was out of town so I didn't get to see her studio.

This is how they came back to me, after she fired them and polished them.  I asked her to just leave them polished so I could use the liver of sulpher (LOS) on them myself.  They are very very shiny!  It's hard to tell how shiny, because we have not sun while I am writing this!

And here's how they look after LOS and polished with steel wool.  I was slightly worried because I thought, what if I hate them after I used the liver of sulpher?  But I don't, I like them.  It gives a nice colorful patina on the silver if you don't polish it with the steel wool, I supposed you would need to seal it with Ren Wax or PermaLac if you wanted the color to stay?  I any event, I like them.  The tentacle will be a necklace and the odd shell-like construction will probably sit around in a box! 


  1. These are both fabulous Sue! I'd love to try my hand at PMC and it's inspiring to see what you've created—thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the way you finished them an really do not leave the shell in a box it is just to pretty!


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