Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Little Finds and Studio Cleanup

When we have time, my boyfriend and I like to peruse antique stores and outdoor markets.  I don't always have an idea in mind for what I want, but I always look at the old jewelry.  Most of it is junk, but sometimes I find something that I wish I would have purchased! 

Here are some little finds that I did purchase recently.

 These little pendants are made from what I am assuming are antique or very old cards.  At least they look that way?  They could be reproductions, but whatever, I like them!

 These are some buttons I picked up at the Hannahstown antique market.  I'm sure they aren't old, either, but I really liked them.  I thought of using them for polymer clay stamps, but not sure if they would work well or not.  We shall see!

I also promised you some photos of my studio cleanup!  Here's a photo of my work bench, before I started making beads after cleanup!   Very clean!  Doesn't look like that now!

What little things have you found in antique stores or markets that you use to make jewelry?  If you want, send me some photos and I'll show them off in my next AJE post!  Send your photos to sue(at)suebeads(dot)com.


  1. I also love looking for old little bits when I'm in an antique store. Of course, old keys, buttons, buckles and broken jewelry are on the list. Anything small enough to become jewelry. Recently I found little key hole things that just fit into the keyhole shape in the wood, for a chest of drawers. They are like a keyhole shaped connector ring - very neat. If I get a photo snapped, I'll send it to you.

  2. I look in a local thrift shop for broken jewelry and interesting photo props and unique pieces for jewelry


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