Monday, July 29, 2013

Going out of my comfort zone part 1

Hey there friends.  Last week I posted a question on the AJE Facebook page about whether or not you continue to work through a color palette you are not quite sure of.  Most of you said that you push through and some times set it aside for a while then come back to it.

I did not have the luxury of putting this one aside as it has a deadline.  So I thought I would share the whole process with you to see what you think.  These are colors I have worked with before but not together so it is a totally scary process for me.

Here is where it began...

I have that really pretty sunset color!
Yes that is our Component of the Month courtesy of Diana.  I had a plan in mind as soon as I saw this one in person.  So I searched color palettes on Design Seeds Blog (by the way if you ever need a palette this is the go to place to find a perfect one.) and picked this one.

Here is the color palette...

Here are the colors I chose from the palette....

So I set off to work.  This color range is not what I am used to working with together.  I had a specific pattern in mind from Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes book because of my thought process for this necklace. 

Here is what the first layer looked like....

Humm still very very unsure.  This necklace will either be an epic win or epic fail.  I am thinking it is wayyyyyyy  too much turquoise (I really have never said that) so I pressed on.

Here is the second layer....

Still worried but I continue to press on.

Here is the third layer........

 Okay so this is as far as I am going to show you today because part 2 will be on Wednesday on my blog.  Your opinions are greatly appreciated!



  1. I'm loving that look Kristen. Can't wait to see it all finished!

  2. Hi Kristen,
    It looks good so far keep on going. Looking forward to seeing the end result.


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