Monday, March 18, 2013

Mismatched Monday: Revamp!

On the prior edition of Mismatched Monday I made a pair of earrings I wasn't crazy about.
Something was "off" about them.  I just wasn't feeling it and so I asked the readers for some help.  Well, I listened and have since revamped this pair.
I removed the dark orange crystals and replaced them with vibrant yellow ones.  I also completely redid the daisy and glass earring.  In their place I used another MyElements charm, yellow crystals and some chain.
I'm much happier with the pair now and they've been added to my jewelry box. Sometimes you just need another pair of eyes to look over your work.

Thank you to everyone who provided input and suggestions!


  1. I would have told you how much I like the first pair - I do. But I can see that the change does have more flow with color overall. So I will tell you I LOVE the second pair! I just have no eye for mis-match! But you have the touch!!

  2. Great Job! I love them! Wil you be wearing these?

  3. I like the change! Thanks for sharing

  4. I love the new pair - wasn't crazy about the first iteration, for all the reasons you mentioned. But these really work - nice job!


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