Monday, March 25, 2013

Carving Polymer Clay

While I'm still doing my Copper as I always will I'm having fun playing with Polymer Clay which is as of a few weeks ago is new for me.
 Arguably everything I've tried has turned out fairly successful to one degree or another, some more than others of course.
 I want to keep pushing myself so this time I thought I'd try my hand at carving.

Above are some of the Baked Beads I haven't carved yet,
 the carving tools and the remains of the carving I've already done.

It takes some practice to learn how much pressure to put on the carving tool and when it's about to fly off the PC and gouge in to your finger, I have the wounds to prove it but I'm not going to share those here.

Still need practice on getting consistent cuts but I'm getting there.

So much fun to carve in to this little one and see what lies beneath!

One big happy family!
I still need to do some finishing work on these 
and try to decide if I want to leave them as is or try some antiquing.

By the way, Carving was not what I originally set out to do. It was actually another attempt at trying Polymer Clay Imprints, you can see my first attempt HERE
That wasn't successful so I made beads and decided they needed carving.

I just jumped in and went for it but there is lots of great information about carving.
Probably best known for carving is Celie Fago
I think carving texture plats might be pretty high up on my list of things I want to try.



  1. So, I'm assuming you are carving these after you've baked them? They really look great. Thanks for the link to Celia's page, I've bookmarked her.

    1. Hi Shirley, yes they are baked thanks for the clarification. I've updated the blog to make that correction.

  2. Always fun to try new techniques. Good for you!

  3. This is something I've been wanting to try. Now I want to try it even more! I love your carving results and the colors you chose for your beads ... beautiful!

  4. Fantastic! You are really growing as an artist. I am excited for you.

  5. I'll definitely try this someday, Kristi (maybe start with the ugly beads and see if they can be improved upon!)

  6. I love them!!! How cool it is for me to see you in this process and with each new venture you learn something that amazes me!

  7. I absolutely love these Kristi! My fav is the last one, but they are all delightful. It is so exciting to watch this develop for you.

  8. That looks like lots of fun!

  9. I'm glad you are seeing the simple joy in carving beads!!! Isn't it fun?! You can see more inspiration by my beads that I carved for my table at BeadFest in 2012.... Enjoy your discoveries in polymer clay! xoxo....


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