Monday, March 4, 2013

Mismatched Monday: Citrus Surprise

I THOUGHT my mismatched mojo had finally returned but I'm not so sure...  These earrings caused me great frustration the other day.  They didn't turn out how I had envisioned and I'm not certain I'm 100% happy with them.  Are the balanced enough?  I like each earring on its own but I'm not sure I like them as a mismatched pair.
They do contain some fabulous art beads though.

Porcelain beads: Suburban Girl Studio LLC
Lampwork glass headpin: Genea Beads
Painted acrylic charm: MyElements By Yvonne
Crystals and brass findings: Fusion Beads
So my question is, would you change these?  If so, what would change about them?

Diana P.
Suburban Girl Studio LLC


  1. Hmmm. Do you think they might go better if you swapped out the My Elements piece and instead used something that more closely echoed the amber and blue of the head pin?

  2. I like them....but then I am weird....:-)

  3. Or... use another my elements piece - I like the colors of that better with your ceramic pieces...

  4. I agree with Linda and SueBeads, it's about getting a better match between the MyElements piece and the lampwork headpin. I love the MyElements piece, so I'd try to find a dangle for the other piece that matches a little better. That being said, they'll be on opposite sides of the head and are very cool already!

  5. I like them, would wear them like that, but thinking for a more widespread appeal, maybe keep 2 of the beads the same while making 2 of the beads different...
    Like take that brownish bead under the flower and put that same bead under the other earring, to make them the same, but different.....2 tops different, 2 bottoms the same.....

  6. To me its a color/tone thing. Squint at the picture. Ones all light, the other has a dark element. I would either add more amber to the one...or....

    1. Part of the color problem is actually the photo not the real color. I couldn't capture a great picture that really shows the true colors of the glass. Oh well, I think my next Monday post will be the results of whatever I end up doing to this pair of earrings. I have an idea based on some of the suggestions given.

  7. I'm late to the game on this, but I wouldn't change a thing. If I were earring shopping and saw these, I would totally swoon.

  8. I have no idea how you totally rock the missmatched thing and they look sooo amazing. I love these post!


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