Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Supply Shopping (because what else would you rather do on a Saturday)

From the Beading Daily Facebook Page

Have you broken this particular New Year's resolution yet? No? Well, let us be enablers then. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite dealers suppliers for assembling our handmade components into finished jewelry. 

Rio Grande: We love  the one stop shopping and the large selection of tools and supplies at Rio. Shipping is very quick and the customer service is excellent. 

Monsterslayer: Great source of wire and sheet metal. 

Arte Bella Surplus: Melissa loves to shop here for Czech glass

Fivesisters: Another great shop for Czech glass. 

Beads of Cambay and Dakota: Jenny loves to buy gemstones from these two shops because the quality is very reliable and they have a variety of cuts and shapes of stones. 

Primitive Earth Beads: Diana says she shops for chain from this online supplier. 

Fusion Beads: Great for buying small quantities when you need just enough to finish a project. 

Hands of the Hills: Great selection of ethnic beads. 

Rings & Things: a little bit of everything including gems, chain, findings

Unkamen Supplies: Kristi likes to buy jump rings and niobium ear wires from this shop on etsy. 

Smitten Beads: Joanne loves this UK based shop, especially for the wooden beads

Cookson Gold: Joanne jokingly (I think...) said she spends a few dollars each month at this shop.

Nunn Design: According to Jenny, Nunn Design offers excellent quality base metal chains and bezels with attractive antiqued finishes that last. The bezels are heavy, sturdy, and don't look cheap with a wide variety of bezel shapes and sizes. Bonus...the minimum wholesale order is low. 

Yuki Designs: This Etsy shop, which is based in Montreal, is a favorite of both Kristi and Linda. 

Hope you've found some new favorites...I have. Which means I will probably be spending money I swore I wouldn't. Happy shopping and definitely tell us about some of your favorite supply shops in the comments and why they are your favorites. 

-Jen Cameron


  1. Thank you for all of these wonderful links of dealers, er, suppliers! I had not heard of a few of them!

    1. No problem! Hope you have fun exploring new shops :-)

  2. Oh yes, because I don't have enough bookmarked and favorited....:)
    Now I'm off to check out the ones I've not heard of before!

    1. HA! You're welcome! And trust me, I was spending money as I was writing the post, darnit!

  3. You are truely evil Ms Cameron! I am not going to buy anything else (to make jewellery with )until after feb 20th!

  4. My two resolutions were to lose 20 pounds by June 30 (laughing) and to use what I already have in my stash and in my library (still laughing).

    I rely on because they don't sell dyed beads and recommend because Szarka has such cool stuff that's fairly priced and is an honest, very decent person. Both ship their merchandise like lightening.

    Thank you for the names of more vendors!

  5. Ummmm......definitely more than a few dollars a month at Cookson Gold! You really don't want to know how much I've just placed an order for! My excuse is that I have to have suitable materials for my private tuition students. I do like Cooksons though as if you order before 3pm they dispatch the same day.

  6. Considering I just found a stash - no, a hoard of beads from last fall. Untouched. I am on a restriction. But this is a great resource! Thanks Jen!


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