Friday, June 29, 2012

Tool Review ~ Beadsmith 2-Sided Texture Hammer

BeadSmith 2-Sided Texture Hammers 
are available in 3 options 
-Wide Circles & Dots 
-Thin Circles and Speckles
-Stripes and Weaves 
I'll be showing the the first two today ~ 

I've just gotten these in and instantly loved the sturdiness and heavy duty texture heads. 
 They feel good in your hand and have a heavy head that really connects with the metal.

  I like that you get 2 textures on each hammer creating a pile of options for texture combinations.
 I love these hammers and have already used them a ton!  
My favorite is the Wide Circles and Dots...I love the big divets of the dots impression.  
You can see in the ring below that it creates a nice deep dot that catches the LOS perfectly.  

The textures also created a good indentation creating a great base for patina.  

~ Inspiration pictures ~ 

I've used 24g copper, brass, 22g bronze and 20g aluminum in my samples today &all worked perfectly. 
I hammered without annealing, but imagine you could get an even better impression from doing so.  

Basic instructions: 
Place item to be textured on a bench block or anvil & strike the surface sharply with the hammer wherever you want the texture to appear.  
Experiment hitting the metal on a slight angle or flush. 
Mix and match  for even more textures.

I've just added the BeadSmith 2-Sided Texture hammers to my line ~
 I've been awaiting their arrival for some time now and am thrilled with the quality.

Click here to purchase & receive a  free 2"x5" piece of copper sheet to play with! 
Offer good til July 15th.  
~ Melinda Orr  ~ 
Melinda Orr Designs 


  1. Glad you linked to this from Facebook! I didn't realize this blog existed--(can you believe it?!) It's so PERFECT for me, I just signed up! :-) (What a great list of contributors--so many of my favorites!)

    Melinda--Looks like it's time I paid your shop another visit too! Thanks for all the good news and new ideas coming all the time!

    1. Thanks Sharyl! Glad you found this amazing team ~ so much fun stuff!

  2. Whimper. Please Santa? And I just introduced Zack to the hammer!!!!

  3. Always love new tools!! Thanks Melinda!

  4. Melinda - these are awesome. I have a couple of texture hammers but they are different from these so these will be on my 'wish list' here in the fall when I'm ready to take myself off my 'bead/tools' diet!! ;-)

    1. You just need to pace But it's very hard to do!

  5. Thanks for your review, Melinda. I can't order from you as I'm not in the U.S., so I hope I find these at a similar "don't have to wait for Christmas" price!

    1. I can mail this to you I'll charge you exact postage ~ if interested email me!

  6. Oooo girl you are rockin' that tool! I love those textures with patina!

    xo Genea

  7. AWESOME!!! I love reading this's just chock full of great info!

  8. Just found this blog from a post on Google Plus! I've been looking into texturing hammers so it caught my eye. I've signed up!


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