Tuesday, June 19, 2012

AJE Eye Candy - Finished Jewelry

Finished Jewelry featuring many Art Jewelry Elements.

Criffles and clay by pipnmolly
Wrapped Chandelier Earrings by miamacreazioni

Asymmetrical Earrings by Staci Louise Originals

Sea Horse Bracelet by JeanAWells

Teal Flower Beaded Bracelet by songbead

Copper Teardrop and Lampwork by ChrysalisToo

Porcelain Pansy Bracelet by ForMySweetDaughter



  1. Oh wow! I clicked onto this from Bead Babes because those top earrings are *so awesome* and scrolling down the beautiful jewellery what did I find? My bracelet!! Chuffed to bits ladies :-)

  2. Wow, what a great line-up of fabulous pieces! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  3. such gorgeous work! i love seeing what people are up to...

  4. I was excited to see how pipnmolly used my "criffles'. It's so satisfying to see the myriad of possibilities with the different art jewelry elements that each creative mind and hands comes up with.
    Thanks for featuring all of these lovely combinations. Staci's asymmetrical ones are wonderfully balanced and look as though they could be worn easily with JeanAWells Seahorse bracelet.

  5. Great jewelry! Love all of them, but wish I could do the mismatched earrings thing...don't think I have it in me though.


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