Monday, June 25, 2012

Inspired By Design Challenge: Christmas in July

Did you see the entries for the last Design Challenge: Inspired by Shells? Scroll to the bottom of the post, click on the thumbnails. Definitely take a look, there are some great entries!

For this month's design challenge, I am again using Captiva Island for inspiration, but in a totally different direction. Shells are natural elements and there is nothing natural about this month's design inspiration.

The inspiration comes from a magical place called The Bubble Room (fyi~their website has music if you want to turn your speakers down or off first).

The Bubble Room
The Bubble Room! My daughter is on the left, cousin on the right

And because a good chunk of their decor is Christmas themed, and this is a challenge, and thinking about Christmas in July is definitely a challenge, it's a match made in heaven. Plus I just think it sounds like fun and hope you do too.

The Bubble Room
Merry Christmas! 

The following two photos are from their "Christmas Room" and should be used for your inspiration. You can view this room by standing at the top of the stairs inside the restaurant and looking through a window down into the room. If you want to see more photos I took at The Bubble Room, you can see them on my blog.

The Bubble Room
Santa sitting in the Christmas room at the Bubble House
The Bubble Room
Elves in the Christmas room at the Bubble House

-The blog hop for this photo will be held July 16th, which gives you 3 weeks to create something inspired by this photo.

-Challenge yourself to use at least one handmade component. It can be made by you or by someone else. 

-On the day of the reveal, post the inspiration photo(s) and photos of what you created based on the inspiration photo on your blog. Write how you were inspired by the photo. Tell us about the handmade component you used and why. 

-Add you blog post URL to the linky tools at the bottom of the AJE reveal post (instructions on how to do it are super easy and self explanatory once you click on the link for linky tools).

-Add the linky tools html to your blog post to continue the hop. 

-Have people visit your blog

-This is meant to be a way to help everyone's creativity to expand and for self improvement and to get new visitors to your blog

-This is not a high stress situation. You do not have to commit in advance. You join when you are inspired and/or have time and want to challenge yourself. 

Now get creating! 


  1. Oh wow, what a challenge this will be! I'd better get started!

  2. Hummmm Christmas already? I am thinkin!


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