Monday, March 24, 2014

Patina and stuff

I've recently been playing with White Copper and decided to see how it took different Patinas and colors compared to regular Copper. I hope you enjoy sharing in my experimentation.

This first piece is actually regular Copper that I sprayed VerDay Patina on some time ago.

This is White Copper that I used Gold Gilders Paste.

Regular Copper Clay with Coral Gilders Paste.

White Copper Clay with Coral Gilders paste.

Regular Copper with Patina Gilders Paste.

These White Copper pieces have Patina Gilders Paste. I can see I need to clean out the holes a little better, but I love the look!

White Copper with VerDay, I just sprayed these this morning and they take up to 48 hours to come to their finished color. I like the look so far so I hope the Patina gets even deeper.

VerDay on regular Copper. Again it needs more time to reach it's optimum color.
Click HERE to learn more about VerDay.

I really wanted to test some Liver of Sulphur on some of the White Copper but I could not find it!!

Here's what the White Copper looks like all by itself, no coloration at all just fired, tumbled and this is it!

This double star is one of my favorite new textures.

Love this Triple Star too!

Tribal Mask

My interpretation of a Buddhist Coin or Mandala.

Almost all of these textures today have been created on Scratch Foam.
I really love making original textures!



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  1. love them all , though the white copper seems a bit bland on its own (maybe it just doesn't photograph well) .
    what is Verday? i haven't heard of it before.
    I love your hand made scratch foam textures. lots of fun to create your own.

    1. VerDay is a product you spray on your metal and it reacts with the metal to create a natural patina. Each time I say VerDay I've made the word a link that will take you to a website that will explain it all.

  2. I love your experiments! The VerDay looks really cool on the white copper. Do you seal it?

    1. No I didn't seal any of them yet, especially the VerDay because it's supposed to be on for 48 hours before it reaches full color. I like it on the white copper too, will be interested to see what it looks like when it's done.

  3. The white copper really takes the gilders paste nicely. I especially like the coral and patina paste on the white copper. So pretty!

  4. These are fabulous Kristi! I love seeing experiments—I hope you'll come back and share the finished results VerDay.

  5. Are you going to seal the pieces with the Gilder's Paster? If so, what kind of sealer do you use? I recently made some things with the Gilder's Paste and am worried it will come off.

    1. Hi Kelsey, yes I'll definitely seal them when I'm done. I'll probably use Nikolas Spray. It's what I see all my other metal with. I think it works well and doesn't mess with the color to speak of.

  6. looks very pretty - havent heard of white copper before though, is it some sort of treatment on copper?


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