Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday Share...Design with Me, Part 1

Happy Saturday, AJE!

I have a problem with designing...I think it is a common one.  I collect pieces to put together, maybe create a special component, then put it aside to think about it.  Weeks, maybe months go by, and the components are still in their little tray, collecting dust.  I might pick them up lovingly and wonder if I should use them in something else...or create something totally different than my original thought.  Sigh...  Does this sound familiar?

Here is a collection that has been in a little "lunchables" tray, stewing for months.  I believe I got those totally luscious lampwork beads from Sue Kennedy last September!  The flower components have been cut and enameled since February when I discovered that they perfectly matched the lampwork!

The complete collection, along with various sizes of copper wire I am contemplating and some other components I might or might not enamel!
See?  Perfect match!

Just look at the gorgeousness! 

But really, that is as far as I have gotten.  I have sketched out a few things, then just put everything back away.  What am I waiting for?

What about you?  Do you suffer from this terrible procrastination-inducing, can't decide-ive-ness?  Its okay!  I'm here for you!

I am determined to complete this piece by my next Saturday Share post with full details.  Here is my challenge to you have a similar piece in mind, components lonely from non-contact?  Make a pact with me that in the 2 weeks until my next post, you will pull out that tray of half-wired beads or hammered metal and complete your project.  It doesn't have to be the same idea you started may have to take the original unfinished piece completely apart and start again!  Been there, done that!

Okay, who is with me?

Melissa Meman
Melismatic Art Jewelry
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  1. I'm the Queen of Procrastination, especially when it comes to making jewelry. Like you, I pull out several beads and finding combinations, play around with them for a bit, get frustrated because nothing works, then put them aside, sometimes for weeks. Many projects never get done.

  2. I am in! I have several projects in baggies. They are all in need of an idea or perhaps a mysterious component that I may of may not have.

    Your blog describes why I have so much "stuff" on my jewelry table all of the time. I am very pleased with myself today. I finally finished a necklace that I have been collecting part for literally 3 years. I start with a branch, then I found a bird charm, and I got some flowers recently from a blog hop. I bought the chain and pearls last year. The idea of what to do with all of it came to me this week. A couple of hours this morning toto put it all together and I am done! It is ready for my Memorial Day craft fair.

  3. I think the problem is that there are so many choices. You want to make something original, beautiful and pleasing to the eye. There are usually so many ways to do that it is hard to decide which one works the best. Especially when you make your own components, you have so much to choose from. I have many unfinished projects, some waiting for me to decide if I want to invest in some new materials to complete the project. I will take a look at my project drawer and see if I can finish one to show in two weeks. Thanks for the challenge.

  4. I just put away the beads I could no longer remember the design I had in mind for when I pulled them! My space felt so much cleaner it triggered a finish the UFO mode. So I'm right there with you :) Have fun! Looking forward to seeing what you make!

  5. I certainly qualify for membership in this group! Pieces and parts will be gathered, then 'what if' kicks in, then you put it aside for the 'next time'. I had a georgeous set of mixed lampwork that took 3+ years before aha moment ~ a quite belated mother's day gift.
    What is most frustrating is when you're trying to pull together one design and in the process you start creating other designs ~ inspiration overload!
    So Melissa, it will be fun to see you come up with. BTW, the lampwork and your enameling beads are beauties.

  6. I have the projects....mine are beadwoven rather than components, but I will put in an earnest effort to meet you here in two weeks....completed projects in tow!

  7. I will certainly try :) Procrastination is a huge part of my life at the moment. Too much on my plate. I have a pile in the living room, dining room, bedroom & work room of projects. Have fun & I'll try to be with you on this:)))

  8. I have a whole load of unfinished projects sitting in front of me, unfortunatly that won't stop me starting up new ones, I needed a reason to finnish some off!

  9. Oh I am definitely in! I keep using the excuse that I need part-made pieces as examples for when I'm teaching, but I think I've gone too far this time!

  10. This is a great challenge Melissa...thanks for throwing down that gauntlet for us! When I look at my little bags of half-imagined but not completed projects I see a bunch of things where my skill level stopped me. Things I bought pretty early on with grand plans but not wire work skills to complete them. Many of them have been languishing for YEARS! Other groupings got stopped before they were started because I was missing something for completion.

    It's funny how even though I know I enjoy my workspace more when there's less clutter, it's just so hard to deal with all these little projects sitting around. I vow to get at least one of these done in the next two weeks... as soon as I start AND finish my May ABS challenge piece! :)

  11. Okay, okay, I think you have a hidden camera somewhere! Yes, there are
    "wanna be" projects everywhere! My main problem is that I see new beads somewhere, buy them and put some parts together, then..........well, you already know. I've got some bronze components I made quite a while ago. I am going to get one focal out and finish this piece. I'll try to keep up with you! LOL Thanks for the challenge and getting me motivated.

  12. You described the problem very well. I have lots of pieces and parts on the desk, sometimes for years. Everytime I sit there, I see them, staring back at me. I like some beads too much to put them in a less-than-wonderful design, so that stops me from using them at all. I'd love to join the challenge, but have too much else on my plate right now. But I'll be checking back in 2 weeks to see all your efforts!

  13. I keep mine in a vintage muffin tin on my table. And yes - I am in. I have a ceramic cab from Bridgette L/Angel Whisperer that I have been staring at for SO long...

  14. I'm in :) I'm always putting aside little piles of coordinating beads that haven't quite 'clicked' or I feel needs something extra to complete the set.

    I currently have a lovely ceramic leaf pendant from Bo Hulley Beads, and some smashing Kaz Baildon lampwork that look great together - but I've been a bit nervous of playing with such wonderful components (does anyone else get that? The 'what if I screw them up' feelin?).

    See you in two weeks time :)

  15. This is a great idea to inspire us to finish a couple of projects that were started long ago. We have several projects that need a little more inspiration before they can become finished pieces. Deborah and Jennifer will both be working on the challenge. We will be posting our "neglected" beads on our blog tomorrow. Time to create something great!

  16. Hi,
    I have the same issues, however because my real job gets in the way I think that's part of the reason things get put back in the (waiting to be put together pile) I would love to join this challenge and jump out of my security blanket and give this a real try. I will put every effort into completing one or maybe two projects if time allows ! Thanks' for the push start!

  17. I have several "projects" waiting in the wings. Sometimes I see certain beads and color combos and think to myself - what if I used it like this ? and I get all enthusiastic, but I never seem to have the time to actually make something from the random beads I buy. Only when I buy beads for a specific project - usually with instructions/Pattern or for a class, I get something done. Otherwise, I get home late from work and too tired to start being innovative and creative (I leave that for the weekends mostly).


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