Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cute and Cuddly

After my last post two weeks ago on mixing new polymer colors, I fully expected to have some work in progress photos to share and maybe even a mini tutorial. Nope. I only finished a handful of new beads total and my new colors weren't cooperating at all for the design ideas I had in mind.

Unispiration is going around a lot these days—–with everyone it seems. And yes, I caught it again.

Out came my design notebook and I turned my favorite music on. That worked for a while…

But when that failed too, I went window shopping on Etsy. Browsing through the creations of my favorite artists always helps to rekindle my creative flame. This time I was looking at critters. Cute and cuddly critters. You already know that I love making critter beads, but I also enjoy looking at what others create——it's amazing how the same animal can take on so many different forms and totally adorable expressions——all dependent on their creator!

I recently became the happy owner of one such critter:
My little keepsake doggy bead was carefully fashioned by Lauren of Maybeads after my own sweet girl Pepper.

Lauren makes dogs of all kinds.

And even the occasional orange hippo!

On my journey through Etsy I found many more cute and cuddly critters, here are just a few of my favorites…

More pooches, this time from elukk.

And kitties. I love her rustic style!

And wild horses from ChevreFeuille. I can never resist horses——they have a very special place in my heart.

A sweet little owl from lagrenouillerose. I love the color combinations that she uses in her critters.

And a very mod turtle named Ophelia from DeniseAnnette. She really has a knack for bold colors.

This goofy kitty is from bykeiara. His eyes say it all!

I love this little smiling murrini turtle from loribeads. I would put him on a bracelet… but then again, I put just about everything on bracelets. I like being able to see the jewelry I'm wearing.

This pretty blue owl from fellow AJE member Lesley Watt looks like she would would be good at keeping secrets… you might know she's got a secret by her eyes, but she would never tell it! lol

Okay, I found another bead from loribeads that I want too! This little dachshund is so ready for his forever home.

The adorable chickens from 2CoolBeads have been one of my favorites for a long time. I bet you didn't know that growing up I cared for a flock of 150 hens——and yes, most of them had names.

I also once had a pet yellow jacket. Honest! I was probably about 7 years old and her name was Clover. Surprisingly, even though she was very well behaved my parents did not let me keep her! These sweet bees are from TheGlassBunny.

This crackled glazed gorgeous bluebird is from SlateStudiosSupply. Crackle glaze is a favorite of mine.

And lastly, but not at all least some cute rustic owls from kylieparry.

And now I'm going to have to ask Linda for a drawer (or two) in her antique Hamilton printers cabinet so I can adopt all the cute critters I found! ;-)

I hope you enjoyed my eye candy post today. Do you make critter beads? Or maybe you have some favorites that you've adopted recently?

I'm going now to follow Jen's prescription for unspiriation and am going to clean my studio… see you in two weeks…

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! I hope you all have a good time with family… and maybe some time for your beads!


  1. What a fun group of critters! Elukka made our dog on his favorite dog bed pillow, and it is wonderful! Lots of my favorite glass artists are here, too - I'm honored to be in such good glass animal company here - thank you! :)

  2. Oh how cute!! Thanks for pulling all these wonderful critters together!

  3. Great collection Rebekah - and yes, my owls are very trustworthy with secrets!

  4. I love the rustic dogs and cats..great finds all around! 150 hens with names, oh my! Thanks for including my hen bead :-)

  5. great collection of cute beads! Thanks for including my little hoots.


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