Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spikes, studs, pyramids, and gumdrops.

You must be asking yourself what the heck is she talking about?  Well if you are a bit on the funky side like me you have seen all of these around but if not let me introduce you all to my latest Czech bead obsessions.
First it requires a bit of background though.  I got it straight from Perry "The Spike King" of yorkbeads himself when I asked him to give me a blurb about his inspiration.
"We were a fashion garment district company, in a dwindling mfg world.  I notice the surge in bead embroidery and Laura McCabe was a customer.  Street wear peaking and Laura self inflicted influence got me to push for spike which Czechs were reluctant to make due to breakage
Gumdrops ended being a certain one day visionary after thought again catering to bead embroidery boom. And gumdrop I would say more original idea as less edgy but seem to fit into spike group
And now pyramid and 12mm stud with new 8mm stud in works.  All a progression in a hard economy marketing pressed beads in a more handmade fashion"
These are my absolute favorites.  They are called gumdrops.  Don't they look good enough to eat?  They are 7mm x 10mm Czech glass.  I think they are the sweetest.  Here are a couple of pieces I have made using them.
This design is by Kerrie Slade and is actually offered as a free pattern on the Bead and Button Page here.
And of course because I am all about sets I had to have a necklace to match and this is an adaptation of a pattern by Beads By Becs.
I am also working on finishing my own tutorial for the gumdrops so I will give you a sneaky peak.
See why I am so inspired?  They are fun and oh so funky.
Then there are the spikes.
These are baby spikes they are 5mm x 8mm and I think they are so cute and sweet.  Just enough funky but still able to make cuteness.  (I can not show you my cuteness until July.......)
Then if you are really looking for some more substantial spikey goodness take a peak at these.
The other ranges in size for spikes are 5x13, 7x17 and even a 12x18 mega spike.  Oh yeah baby!!
I used the 7mmx17mm to make this pendant using Beads by Becs pattern.
And now the latest coming out are Studs and Pyramids!  Yep I nearly fell out of my chair when I got a peek at these! I can not wait to get my hands on these!!!!
So where can you get these amazing fun beads?
Yorkbeads which is a wholesale company or at Beadstalkers.  I know there are more places but I haven't had the pleasure of purchasing from others so I listed those I have.
I hope you enjoyed this little journey.  I would love to hear your thoughts on these beads.


  1. thanks KS2 maybe just what the doctor ordered

  2. Yes it is what the Dr ordered!!!

  3. Nice post Kristin! Love your work!

  4. It amazes me what u do with seed beads!

  5. Wow. In all my days tubing beads when I worked at a bead store. Wow. I thought daggers were cool.


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