Monday, February 25, 2013


This isn't what I was originally going to post about, I was actually trying a completely different Polymer Clay technique but I couldn't get it to work. I got sort of close but not close enough to to be successful. I'm not a polymer clay artist and I think I was biting off way more than I could chew, maybe I'll try it again after I have more experience under my belt.
 Sometimes things just don't go as planned

This morning I was working on my Copper Clay and came up with something new!!

I First made them in Copper, but they use a lot of Clay so may not be cost effective, but they are so cool!!! So I thought try them in Polymer Clay!!
So that's what I did!

I started with Neutrals

Then I started playing with colors.
Some I already had mixed for other projects.

Very neutral, I think I may end up painting these or using alcohol inks for different color effects.

I'm really excited about these new pieces,
 I've been wanting to try some PC for a long time so I'm really happy to have finally done it!
I have a million bead ideas swirling around in my head I can't wait to play some more!

I'd love to know what you think?
Like don't like, colors, shapes sizes, too thick too thin??? Lay it on me!!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed seeing more of my never ending experimentations!



  1. Kristi I love them! I really like the neutral colors - reminds me of the desert out in NTC (National Training Center, Fort Irwin, CA). But the other color combinations are just as fantastic! Love the textures you added too. It would be interesting to see what happens when you add the alcohol inks for color. Can't wait to see the other ideas you have swirling in your head :)

    1. These are so cool! I love how you first made them in copper but then went to pc. I think they are both very textural and fun. I am sitting here trying to figure out how to get them to play with my seeds!

    2. Could you maybe make a little cap for them, that might be fun!!

  2. I love the earthiness of these pieces. I think once you put them together in some jewelry they will really come to life

  3. I love the earthiness of these beads. Cant wait to see them in some jewelry I think they will show off and compliment your work

  4. I like these, Kristi! I especially like the neutral polymer ones with the ombre color-fade effect. Very nice!

  5. Well, Kristi, you have inspired me today. I haven't played all that much with polymer clay. I've made a fee awkward birdies, a lumpy squirrel and some barrel beads. But the thing I do best are some funny little caterpillars, using almost the same steps as you do for these cocoons. I use small nails or bits of wire for their antennae and just indent holes for their eyes and after they are fired, I can dot some color into the holes. I think that by using your cocoons as beads and my caterpillar as a vocal and adding a branch link with maybe some leaves, I might have a cool necklace or bracelet. Thanks.

  6. What a great idea! The copper ones are almost creepy cool, they're so realistic and look just like the cocoons we'd find on the pine trees at the cottage. But the polymer clay ones are just playful - love them.

  7. I liked the 1st two ombr'ed ones best! You are so creative! Love it.

  8. I love cacoons - always been facinated by them! I like the neutral ones the most.....well and the copper ones! Great idea! From the sounds of it - playing = happy and that is the best part:)

  9. The copper ones are absolutely amazing. Maybe try playing with paper or cork clay to see if a hollow form might be more economical. The natural are my favorite of the polymer cocoons. They're more organic and the textures kinda get lost in the colors. You've outdone yourself yet again Kristi. Kudos!


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