Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Glossary and Eye Candy of new bead shapes.

I know we have discussed the new bead shapes that have come out.  I also know that the seed bead world has been turned on their heads with the introduction of so many of them.  Jenny asked me to give you all a glossary of sorts with some eye candy.  With the exception of the brand new ones I can not get my hands on I will show you the adds for the beads and what I have been able to do with them to date.  Are you ready?

These are the three newest beads that have been announced in the past month that I spotted.


I am very intrigued by these. They look to me like 3 size 8/0 beads fused together.  I can even see a design in my mind.  What a fun bead for both weavers and stringers with so many possibilities.

This is a design by the very talented Nancy Dale of the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad.  
Now this is kind of a no brainer for me.  I love superduos very very much so to make them smaller is an amazing idea!  In case you are wondering they are the little pink ones in the bracelets.  You know I would be able to rock these cuties in so many ways!


I have to say these are not really a new shape but they are so much better from the look in the picture.  A bit thicker than the old ones with the holes in good position and of course the new finishes are to die for.


Infinities came out in February and boy am I interested.  And as with the Trinity beads they look like fused seed beads. They actually come in two sizes 3x6 and 4x8.  This shape has sooooo many possibilities and with the different sizes they offer a fun challenge.
So on the beads that I have been able to play with.

Czechmate Crescents

I have mentioned this in previous posts but these sent a spark through me that hasnt happened since the introduction of twins and superduos.  I was instantly in love.  I had a design come to me the moment I saw them and as luck would have it, it was exactly what I envisioned.

I love this piece and as soon as I get another batch I will be writing a tutorial for those who may be interested.

Kheops par puca

I was not sure about these but I love triangles so on my final shop of last year I picked up a few.  Yes I have fallen in love.  So much in fact I have 2 designs that came to me.  The first one was fun and simple and the second well lets say I had a bit of fun

I still need to get a few more of the green to finish this one but I love where it is going.  I may even pick up some turquoise (because I love turquoise) and make a second one for a tutorial.

So does this help anyone with the new beads?


  1. Nice beads - but I have to add that your designs make them ever so much better!!!

  2. Great post Kristen, thank you for the update on the new beads.

  3. So many shapes and sizes these days, I love to see how they are put together in to beautiful pieces! I love that last green domed piece, so cool!

  4. I am just nuts about the Trinity, Mini-Duo and those triangle beads! Your bracelets with the triangles are beautiful!..the black and gold are stunning together. Looks like I'll be shopping for these at Summer BeadFest Phila!

  5. So many cool shapes and such great designs. Almost makes me want to play with seed beads. Almost........LOL my eyes could not take it!

  6. Thank you for the info. I am fainted by your work! Someday I would like to spend more time with seed beads!!

  7. Wonderful post Kristen. Your Lunula and both kheops designs are awesome. I too am in love with the new shapes.

  8. Nice beads - but I have to add that your designs make them ever so much better!!! Mood Rings


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