Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sneak Peek: Benefit Auction for Beads of Courage

It's been mentioned a time or two or art charm swap with an added twist-to raise money for charity.

Basically how it works, is every artisan made 10 charms to swap +1 to auction (some opt to do 20 +2). The theme was "love."

The artisans all send me their boxes of charms, then I sort and ship them out to each participant.

Charms to be revealed in just a couple weeks....

So Jen...what did you do all day (other than the usual supermom and superwife stuff)? Oh, just sorted about 500 art charms from 38 artists. Packaged, labeled and shipped boxes to 5 different countries. That's what.

Last year our auction raised $600 for Beads of Courage. My personal goal for this year is $1000...again to go to Beads of Courage. 

The auction will start at 7am EST tomorrow (Friday the 15th). In addition, each participant will blog about the charms they made for the swap. When the auction starts, you will be able to find listings at this link on eBay. Or search seller ID glassaddictions on eBay. I use eBay exactly once a year. So every year I have to relearn how to do everything. 

I would love to show you some of the amazing charms, but that's supposed to be a surprise for tomorrow. You'll just have to be patient. And PLEASE visit the artist blogs (links posted on Glass Addictions tomorrow), visit the auctions, bid high and bid often. It's for the kids. And you get art charms as a bonus! Perfect for hostess gifts, gift wrapping tie-on, ornaments, and jewelry designs. I used some to make wine glass charms last year. And I LOVE them. 

Until tomorrow!

-Jen Cameron


  1. I posted this to my Facebook Timeline and to my Facebook fan page, Ladyflowersbysusan.


  2. Wine glass charms... what an awesome idea, Jennifer!


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