Friday, November 29, 2013

Freeform Friday: Black, small, and cyber

The title refers to this weekend of course.
Black Friday.
Small Business Saturday.
Cyber Monday.

And I will be the first to agree that it is of utmost importance to shop local, support artists and craftspeople, and yet honor family and give thanks before the shopping commences.

So I have a three part post for you - inspired by these three days.
Warning: this may be seen as less than serious and a bit irreverent. You have been warned.

Black Friday:  

Special delivery
I admit that after T-day I really get revved up for the rest of the holidays. I start listening to the music, I decorate for Solstice, and winter in general, if you must know. And I make lists and check them, twice, three times...

I am an artist. I make many of the gifts I give. So by NOW if I don't have an idea, haven't started, I panic a little. Add to that that I have to ship things to my family - all scattered across the States... you feeling the panic yet? My plan for Black Friday is to prep for a show I have Sunday (Shop local! Shop handmade!) and start work on presents!!!

If so much of Black Friday is getting more for less, deals, steals, and bargains... I wanted to do the opposite and show you pieces that are more. For more to be sure... but wouldn't you be happy with these in your stocking? ( realistically - some yes. Others... not until after I win the lottery...)

Small Business Saturday: 

I would be remiss if I did not mention sales currently happening at AJE members shops, including mine. And many other small business/sole proprietors I know... 

And I have to mention other friends and "family" having sales... my good friend Marsha who contributes to "Love my Art Jewelry" blog was compiling a list as well!

Cyber Monday: 

Cybermen. I am not going to argue. Resistance is futile - oh wrong Universe....

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the art of giving! Don't let the commercialism taint the true spirit of the upcoming holidays!


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  1. I love your selections Jenny! That pomegranate pendant is one of my all time favourites!


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