Friday, September 7, 2012

Embrace the Chaos: Where I Create.

I was joking with Karen Totten about my messy office and she said to me, "Embrace the chaos".  She's right.  My space is a mess but I can't seem to work in it any other way.  Sure, my office could use some additional cleaning (and I started on that this week) but as far as the actual table goes, if it isn't covered in beads I just can't work at it.

Want to take a peak?
My home office is the smallest bedroom in the house.  This is where jewelry is made and finished beads are stored and organized.  This little room is a disaster zone but it's filled with bead and supply goodness.
These cabinets and drawers contain my Etsy bead shop pieces, art beads, gemstones, vintage stuff and general craft supplies.  Every inch is filled with things I can use....someday....really...
The back of the room has two closets.  A normal closet with a door and this weird space set in the wall.  I keep my bead trays and inserts in there as well as bubble wrap, a rasta-banana and more beads.  You can also see my peg board where I hang some of my favorite silks, ribbons, etc...

Now my own home is only where the finished work happens.  I actually make my beads in the basement of my in-laws house because my own basement is a finished family room and we don't have a garage.
Here it is.  Yup.  That simple table is where all the beads are born.  It's actually much more messy than that but I cleaned it up pretty well before I left for Bead Fest.  Ironically, I work in that little space in the middle and all that other stuff sits on the side all the time.  See, I require a mess.
And for good measure, this is the glaze/supply cabinet.  It's where all the glazes, bisque and glass fusing supplies are kept.  My clay is actually kept on the floor in a pile.  Another mess.  Shocking.

So there it is.  I must learn to just embrace the chaos.  Have you?


  1. So your in-laws have given up space in their home for you to make a mess. How does that work, exactly? Because I'm pretty sure my own parents wouldn't do that :-) Love the chaos. Reminds me of my space.

  2. Once a boss of mine had some wise words for me which I'll never forget. 'An empty desk means an empty mind'. I try and relate that to my bead table, because like you, I just can't be inspired by a clean workspace (though there is a limit of how much chaos I can take).

  3. I always pictured you as very organized and orderly. I guess that's because you told me you like to organize things--but this makes me realize that organizing events is way different than having/wanting an organized creative work space. I loved see where your creative work comes to life!

  4. What a I can just embrace the chaos. I clean up my workspace and in no time it is chaos again. I don't even know how it happens so quickly, it just does. I'm glad to know I am not alone. Thanks for the permission to just embrace it. That was the piece I was missing.:)

  5. the blog posts alternate authors so I can never tell who is writing; would you all mind associating your name with each article you publish? thanks

    1. Thank you for the feedback. If you look at the very end of each blog entry, it shows the name of the author. I agree it could be more clear.

  6. I love it, I will embrace my chaos too!

  7. Looks like my space! But I have a hard time creating in chaos. Looking at my mess makes me want to turn around and find something else to do. So I think I need to find some time today to embrace cleaning and organizing.


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