Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beadfest 2012 living in infamy

A Sappy, completely awestruck view on what it was like to attend Beadfest.

I know it has been 2 weeks since attending but with the Beadfest Flu and getting ready for back to school I just couldn't finish it. And I would like it to continue to live in all it's glory.  LOL Oh I have to tell you I was extremely lucky to have been able to attend BeadFest in Philly this year! Yes my friends I can not believe it myself. What an amazing adventure I had.

So what is it like for a fairly new beader like me to attend? Unbelievable! I met Amy Katz, Lisa Kan, Melanie Potter, Leslie Rogalski, and yes I even bowed at Jill Wiseman's feet. I told her I would. Oh and yes I bowed to her mom too because well you know she brought her into this world. I have to tell you I was  just slightly  (okay lets be honest here) completely awestruck. I was shaking and totally amazed at all I saw!  So many venders that I truly have to say I had no clue where to start!  I kind of wandered aimlessly around the large vendor section but was lucky enough to run into Phil at YorkBeads who seemed to understand and calmed me a bit by chatting it up.  Then as luck would have it I ran into Jennifer the amazing editor of Beading Daily. 
Jennifer, Me and a new friend Dona Delaura (do you see Dona's necklace?  OMG!)
Oh my goodness she is amazing and so incredibly sweet.  I probably would have totally stayed there with her all day if not for the fact that.....Are you all ready for this I left the bag I had my pieces in at Lisa Kan's booth!  Yes she asked to see some of my work (which had me completely shaking at this point)  And while I was paying I set the case down...what a moron!  LOL  She had me paged and I was sooooo embarrassed!  See this is how it is when you are blinded by beauty and talent!

I made it to Artist's Alley and let me tell you the talent that flowed through there made my head swim.  I have to tell you that it was like a dream.  You know the one where you are chatting it up with your favorite designers but this was REAL!  I stood with Jill Wiseman in her booth as we chatted about her amazing book "Beautiful Beaded Ropes" and she showed me the samples. Uhuh I actually touched her work!  (If I didn't  have a phobia about clean hands I would have never washed them!)  
I ventured through as if I was floating.  Reading booth names, scanning the crowd trying not to let anyone see that I my heart was bursting out of my chest.  I spied Leslie Rogalski and shook her hand.  Then on to meeting my on line friends....Sue from Suebeads, Jenny Davies-Reazor, Barbara of Second Surf, Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio, Diana of Suburban Girl Studio, Amy of Copper Diem, Melinda of Melinda Orr Designs and then all the new friends.  So totally amazing!
East Coast Bead Mafia Bead Swap
Amazing goodies

Sappy me in all my awestruck glory!
I could totally go on and on and on but then that would confirm that first I can not stop talking and second I am more sappy than you all though.  I so hope to attend again and meet up with everyone.

Hugs and Blessings


  1. I went for the first time in April and was awe struck too! I totally understand! So amazing! I hope to attend next August. Perhaps we'll meet then! :)

  2. I'll get there one of these days, it's obvious you had so much fun!!!

  3. So glad you had fun! That amount of beads in one very large room is overwhelming and a lot to take in. I totally get the whole starstruck bit, I met Lorelei Eurto and Nancy Schindler at Bead Fest in April and am sure I freaked them both out with my hyper enthusiasm! I blame it on the gallon of coffee I drank to ward off a migraine...and the excitement of being in the presence of such amazing talent!

    See you next August!

    1. We totally should have gone together. I was the same. I hope we can meet up next august!

  4. I will be with ya'll next year, I will, I will, I will....cause you had too much fun!!

  5. I wish there were *good* bead shows near me. Living in NW FL can be a pain because it's a desert as far as good bead & yarn shops--let alone shows.

    But, I do enjoy reading about everyone else's adventures at the shows :)

    1. Oh I know. Living up here in western NY is not a bead haven yet.

  6. Oh Kristen, I'm so happy that you were so happy to be in the presence of so many awesome designers. I would have been just as giddy. One day I hope to be able to go to at least one of these big shows.

  7. I have the great good luck to live nearby, and here I was thinking I might need an intervention to keep me from the next Bead Fest. (My credit card is going to take a while to recover from August's.)

  8. I'm glad you had such a good time and met so many artists! Those big shows are overwhelming and exciting at the same time!

  9. You are hilarious! Glad you had so much fun :-)


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