Monday, May 7, 2012

Inspired By....

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Blue Poppy

This photo was actually taken originally for the I Heart Macro weekly
post I participate in, but it's so beautiful I searched around for beads I have in my stash
of a similar gorgeous Blue color!

Gorgeous Lampwork beads by Lara Lutrick and Sari Silk all in Vivid Blue!


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  1. I LOVE what you created with your inspiration photo. I can totally see it. I haven't been home long enough to blog today. I'll try to get something up in a bit.

  2. Before I even finished scrolling down to see the watermark on the pictures, I knew those were your earrings! These are so beautiful! And the inspiration photo...what a match!!!!!

  3. These earrings are really innovative, Kristi! They are imspiring.


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