Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inspired by Reveal and Blog Hop

Today is the reveal for the art jewelry you made using this photo as your inspiration:

Orchids Jennifer Cameron glass addictions

Show us what you created. If you haven't finished (or even started....and yes, I fall into that category) you can join this blog hop up through Sunday June 3rd. 

How to join this blog hop:

1. Create something inspired by the photo and blog about it.

2. Copy the direct link to your blog post.

3. Come back to this post and scroll to the bottom where it says "This is a Blog Hop" below that is says: "You are next...Click here to enter." Click on it.

4. Follow the instructions to add your blog post.

5. To add the blog hop to your post, click on the "get the code here" below the thumbnails and below "what is a blog hop". Click it and copy the link provided to add the blog hop to your blog (this is in lieu of placing a list of blogs on your blog post and it updates itself automatically).

6. Add the link to your blog post in html mode and republish. 

Tomorrow we will post a new inspiration photo. Because I am currently vacationing in Captiva Island, FL, there's a good chance it will be inspired by my current surroundings...


  1. I just added myself to the linky tool...my picture turned out quite ugly, just a patch of black :(

    1. I see what you mean. I will email you and see if we can figure out what happened. Once we do that I will add the additional info needed so others don' t have the dreaded patch of black.

  2. Tried to follow the directions, not sure I did it correctly....

  3. Hmm...disappointed to see only 3 entries :(


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