Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Making my own style of Components

So you all know I love working with the amazing components out there.  There are so many.  Ceramic, polymer, metal clay, but there really aren't that many made with seeds.  I have been looking.  That got me to thinking.  I have friends that say they would love to add seedy elements to their stringing or wire work so what can I put out there for them to use?

Last week when I revealed the Component of the month it kind of hit me.  What if I made something similar.

So made these for a friend.

I love these twins and they come in such a variety of colors and I could make them made to order.

What is your opinion?

Would you like something like these out there to add to your work?

Thank you for your opinions


  1. I like them... I can see them with large jump rings, with leather or silk... as connectors in a piece... and they would add texture and variety.

  2. I think they'd make lovely connectors and would be great for adding textural detail and contrast...go for it I say...!

  3. You know that I am in love with seed bead components. I have some of yours, some beads from Miss Malin, some frames from Miss Marcie. Those wee beads confound me and go rolling all over my floor. They are merely spacers in my hands, and a nuisance at best. But in your hands they are magic and inspired. So, yes. I vote yes! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. They look awesome, Kristen... could be a big hit for those of us who LOVE beads but don't have the talent/patience/eyesight to make our own!

  5. I think it's a great idea! I certainly be interested in some to use in my jewelry.

  6. I very much like these and would definitely use them.

  7. I love the idea! Seed beads are slippery little buggers~ being able to buy components pre made instead of wrestling tiny seeds would be a plus in my opinion!

  8. Since I will never make them myself, but I absolutely adore them, I would love to use some in my designs!


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