Thursday, November 28, 2013

AJE Black Friday Sales

Good morning, I'd like to start by wishing all my friends across the pond a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope whatever you're doing you're having a wonderful day!

It's not celebrated over here in the UK, so the Christmas shopping spree is in full swing, but not for me! 

I've been blissfully ignoring friends posts on Facebook, about how they have one or two gifts to buy and they're finished, for the last month or so. I naively assumed that I had all the time in the world, but now it seems that suddenly it's just around the corner.

So what better way to start the Season of Goodwill than with a sale? (and maybe a little shopping for yourself to get you in the mood!)

AJE team members are offering brilliant discounts in their shops for Black Friday, and today, I'm going to take you for a virtual browse and share all the details of how to get your hands on beautiful artisan jewellery, beads & components at a great price and just in time for Christmas!

So without further ado... here are some great places to start all that shopping...

Susan Kennedy 

Handmade lampwork & enamel beads & components 

Use code: BLACKFRIDAY for 20% off now until Monday


Diana Ptaszynski 

Handmade ceramic beads, buttons & components 

Use Code: GOBBLE13 - 20% off Friday - Monday


Kristi Bowman-Gruel 

Copper & Polymer components & art jewellery 

Use Code: THANKYOU20 - 20% off Thursday - Monday


Karen Totten 

Handmade ceramic & metal clay beads & components 

Use Code: STARRY30 - 30% off Friday - Monday


Hand spun wooly wire and beads 

Use Code: WOOLY30 - 30% off Friday - Monday


Linda Landig 

Handmade art jewellery 

Use Code: THANKS2013 - 20% off Thursday - Monday


Melissa Allford Meman 

Handmade art jewellery & enamel components 
Use Code:  MELISMATIC20 - 20% off Thursday - Monday


Jenny Davies-Reazor 

Handmade ceramic beads & components, jewellery, tiles & mixed media 

Use Code: GOBBLE13 -20% off Friday - Monday


Lesley Watt 

Handmade bronze & ceramic beads & components 

Use Code: THEA20 - 20% off Friday - Monday


Handmade art jewellery 

Use Code: THEA20 - 20% off Friday - Monday


Rebekah Payne 

Handmade Polymer beads & components 

Use Code: THANKYOU2013 - 20% off Thursday – Monday


Caroline Dewison 

Handmade ceramic beads & components 

Use Code: BLUE20 20% off Friday - Monday


If you're not sure how to apply codes in Etsy, add items to your basket as normal while shopping, then before checking out, click the link to 'Apply shop coupon code' Enter the code for whichever shop you're in and the discount will be applied to your total before checkout. 

I hope you've enjoyed our virtual shopping trip and hope you give handmade this Christmas!


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