Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy (hick..hick...hickup) New Year!!!

I totally hope you all have fun with this post I know some of my regular readers really look forward to it! 

Welcome to my Annual Tipsy Beading Post!!!

A little background for those who are new every New Years Day I partake in parade watching with mimosa in hand (and hubs on stand by for refills) with my bead tray and see what I can discover while tipsy beading.  Sounds fun and I have to say it really is a blast.

So what did I choose to play with?  Well since the orange juice was spiked so it should be for my bead tray right?  Oh and if you are not familiar with spikes let me enlighten you!!!  I choose a pattern from Beads by Becs.  Evolve is a spike pendant.
Now I did have a plan in mind when I started but there was a bit of an issue...well actually 2 issues.  One of my Christmas presents was a gorgeous boho shirt in light gray, dark gray and black.  Well here is lesson number one in tipsy beading!!!  Never choose colors that will blur when you need to find the holes.  Not easy.  This is where I had to stop.
It is pretty though right?  Yep it is and Becs pattern was so easy to follow! Her photos of the step by steps and clear instructions are so good I highly recommend you check her shop out if you are looking for fun!!!  
There was another problem.  It seems that my gum drop beads were so jealous they kept rolling into my beads as if to use me!!!  What you haven't heard of gumdrops either?  Well let me show you these awesome little treasures too!!  This is a bracelet I had made using Kerrie Slade's Gumdrops in my Garden pattern featured in the free projects section of Bead and Button
I totally needed a necklace to match and HAD to use gumdrops in it ya know!  So since they were so insistant off we played!!!  This is the result!!!  I have to say there were some sketchy needle misses and a couple more Mimosa's but this is the result!
I love this!!!  Okay you know there has to be a couple more lessons to tipsy beading right?  Well number 2 is do not forget that your bead tray is on your lap when you try to get up.  Yes that could create a disaster.  Luckily I (with coordination that I do not normally have) was able to right it at just the last minute.  I swear I am more balanced with a little drink then without.  Number 3 lesson is that once you make all your components and go to attach them in the order you desire DO NOT forget where you put them all!  Silly tray likes to hide things. 
So my friends did you enjoy my tipsy journey?  I did. Oh and I did learn this lesson before but hey it is worth repeating.  When attempting to get tipsy in the morning be prepared for a long afternoon nap!!!! 
Oh and let us not forget who to thank for these amazing spike and gumdrop beads!!!  Perry of YorkBeads!!!!  Thank you for all the fun and inspiration Perry!!!!


  1. Great post... I do believe I have done tipsy beading on occasion... I'll often look at a piece in day light and wonder how I could possibly have thought that the colours I used actually went together!

    Will have to find some gum drop beads!

    1. Yes you can have that happen! LOL check out Beadstalkers and Bello Modo for the gumdrop beads. I love them!

  2. Wow you have been busy! If that's what tipsy beading does for you, I think I had better pour myself a glass lol!

    Happy New Year Kristen and family!

    Kerrie x

    1. Well when you are inspired it is so easy to play like this!!!!

  3. I'm thoroughly amazed! You accomplished quite a lot with your tipsy beading! Your garden bracelet and the necklace are my favorites. You've used my favorite colors! I can't tell from the photo, so I'm curious to know if the necklace was crocheted or if a Dutch spiral stitch was used.

    1. It is a russian spiral stitch and yes sometimes I think it is good to look at the beads in a different frame of mind because I would have not put them together before.

  4. I think I posted earrings made on a whiskey and Deadwood night on my blog once. They weren't half bad!
    Thanks for sharing your tipsy journey. i don't think I could manage with seed beads in that condition!

  5. Tipsy beading, love it! Some days, it may be the only way to go, lol. Nice results. :-)

  6. Umm ok when we meet I want to do some Tipsy beading with you ok! I love what you made and those are my colors too.

  7. Spiked drink, spiked beads! LOLOLOL! Love you girl and loved the post too!!!! You did some pretty awesome work with those spikes and gumdrops. Loving that gumdrop garden!


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