Monday, October 15, 2012

Mismatched Monday & A Challenge!

The leaves are changing colors and the temperature is cooling down here in New Jersey. It's hard not to be inspired with autumn in full swing.
Even the decaying leaves and hints of color here and there are beautiful. That's why this weeks earrings are inspired by nature...
Brown stoneware charms: Suburban Girl Studio LLC
Ceramic dot bead: Elaine Ray
Lucite round: The Beadin' Path
Chain: Primitive Earth Beads
Link: Michael's
Brass findings/bronze wire by Vintaj: Fusion Beads
Real leaf: My backyard   ;-)
Now the title of this post mentions a challenge...  My next Mismatched Monday (10/29) will feature Halloween earrings and I'd like all of you to join in!  Make a pair of mismatched Halloween earrings (featuring art beads/components) and write a blog post about them on 10/29 and then link it up here (there will be a linky tool that day).  As an added bonus, I will randomly select one of the participants to receive a Suburban Girl brown stoneware pendant!

What are you waiting for? Get to work on those mismatched Halloween earrings!

Diana P.
Suburban Girl Studio


  1. NICE earrings girl! Oh I want to take part in your challenge but I am on a strict NO swap/challenge/bloghops diet until after the holidays!! BUT I will be watching from the sidelines! Have fun.

  2. I love these mismatched earrings. They have the perfect amount of color and texture.

  3. Good morning Jennifer, nice to meet you too. I absolutely love this mismatched Earrings inspired by Nature,I love Garden State... I would like to take part in your challenge but I am very limitated as far as halloween theme beads are concerned. Nevertheless I will try to make something...


  4. Very pretty! While I am not a mismatched earring kind of gal, I will try and make a pair if my hands let me!

  5. Love these earrings - your stoneware charms are just perfect!

  6. Beautiful! Your stoneware pieces are amazing. ::drools::

  7. I am completely in love with those stoneware leaf components. Gorgeous!!

  8. What Linda and Francesca said!!!

  9. Like them. They look long - no pix modeling them? Hmm . Just teasing. But I do like them!

  10. How can I pass up this challenge...I can't! Halloween is my favorite so I better get to a plan...damn you for mismatch challenging me again! LOL

  11. Looking forward to seeing all the Halloween-goodness that is created!

  12. I think I have to be excited about mix match Mondays now! These are great!

  13. Man, I so wanna do this - I love Halloween, it's my favorite holiday and earrings - matching or not, are my fav's to designs, but I've got so much going on that I don't want to stress out,.....but you might have twisted my arm!! :-)

  14. Your earrings are fabulous!
    I might take this challenge - depends on how the week goes :)

  15. Can't do it this time. I've got 3 other challenges I'm in/trying to finish up. But will watch for the next one.


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