Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Free Tutorials

Mixed media necklace by jennifer cameron Glass Addictions 
I wrote up a quickie free tutorial with lots of pics showing how to make a tassel using a lampworkified bullet casing like the one above. You can find it at Artisan Whimsy, the new community created specifically for the bead and jewelry people. 

It got me thinking that perhaps you would like to find other free tutorials...

*Over at Glass Addictions, I have a page dedicated to free tutorials I've written, including various jewelry projects, but also jewelry tags, video of me making a hollow bead, and altering an altoids tin.

*Lesley wrote up a bracelet tutorial that I used for one of the pieces I made for the last Bead Soup Blog party.


*Linda has an entire Pinterest board with enough pins of jewelry tutorials that could keep you busy for weeks!

*Objects and Elements Linda Larsen writes the best tutorials on her blog. 

*An amazing tutorial using Roman Glass Beads by Keirsten Giles that I've been meaning to try, but haven't gotten to it yet.

*Art Bead Scene occasionally has tutorials. I love this wrapped bangle tutorial

*Artisan Whimsy has an entire learning center dedicated to videos and tutorials

What are some of your favorite free tutorials not included here? 

Have a creative week!

-Jen Cameron


  1. I've got a bunch of bullet casings. Think I need to go punch some holes....:)

  2. I have some bullet casings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I know what to do with them! Woo Hoo!

  3. If you put your casing in a vise, then you can get a finishing nail and punch out the primer and you have "instant" holes...You can't use too much pressure with the vise or it squeezes your casing out of shape. Casings are also somewhat sharp and can cut you...if you aren't careful.

  4. Ooh lots of new things to make - love it!

  5. loved the tutorial. cant wait for you to make those lampworkified casings this weekend. i will look for them in your etsy site.


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