Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September Theme Challenge - Tree Inspiration

I’m back again with some of my favourite tree themed creations as inspiration for September’s theme challenge. 

If you missed it, this month we’re running a challenge with everyone invited to join us in creating a piece of jewellery, an object, or whatever you fancy with the theme of trees.

Forest Path

Inspiration has been taken from trees for all kinds of art. One of my favourite periods and a big inspiration in a lot of my work, is the Art nouveau movement. This decorative style celebrates the natural world with an organic style with flowing curves, leaves and trees.

Ernst Wahliss, tree-motif vase, ca. 1911

Art Nouveau style Gingko Leaf Chair by Claude Lalanne

My favourite jewellery designer of this period, and probably of all time, is Rene Lalique. He was a leading figure in the art nouveau movement creating stunning jewellery and glass inspired by the beauty of the natural world. 

An Art Nouveau 'Trees' choker plaque, by René Lalique, circa 1898-99. Gold, enamel, opals and diamonds

Landscape with trees on the bank of a lake
Lalique 1900 Hair-Slide Plaque-de-Cou: carved horn, set w/opals in gold collets in the form of sycamore keys

For some modern inspiration, I love the work of Tereza O…

Tereza O on

And Holly Gage’s work perfectly captures the beauty of tree limbs in silver.

Holly Gage Pendant

This challenge isn’t just about jewellery though. You might choose to create a painting.

Take a photograph.

Photograph by FizzStudio

Firefly Forest

Paint a pebble

Painted Rocks

Sculpt something in clay.
Ceramic cup by Ah Leon

Create a paper cut 


Or create something a little bit way out….

Mark Jenkins’ Tape Sculptures

Well… maybe not sellotape carousel horses, but I wanted to get these in here as I think they’re brilliant! I would love to come across these in a forest!

Your inspiration could come from the beautiful colours or texture of bark or lichens. 

Tree Rings
Silver Birch Bark

Tree Bark


Hollow Tree

Blue Acorns

Or creatures that make their homes in the trees.


Barn Owl

Or you could be inspired by leaves. Whether summer or Autumn, you can’t go wrong with nature’s palette.

Autumn Leaves
If you’d like to join us for our Tree theme challenge, email me caroline @ blueberribeads . co . uk (remove spaces) or message me on Facebook with your blog address and email. The reveal and blog hop is on the 29th September... Hope to see you there!


  1. What a stunning and inspiring post! Beautifully curated.

  2. At this rate I want a tree year! Such great ideas- I have so many I want to try!

  3. My favorite inspiration, what a great post! I can't participate in this one, as I'm up to my ears in a project for my charity that will keep me busy night and day until mid-October..but I'm looking forward to seeing the results!

  4. Beautiful and inspiring post! Thank you Caroline


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