Monday, August 8, 2016

My Next Adventure - Loom Beading

In my never-ending need to *make* something, but not necessarily glass beads, I have decided upon my next lesson - Loom Beading.  I purchased this Rick's Beading Loom from Melinda Orr a long time ago - I mean, a loooooooong time ago, like maybe a year ago? And never even opened it up because there aren't 86 hours in a day.

The idea was that when I had time, and didn't feel like making glass beads, I could string this thing up and get busy making cool bracelets.  I even purchased all the beads from Fusion Beads to make this Alegrado bracelet:

Here are all the beads from the kit - a treasure trove! And I probably have beads that could be substituted for all of these, but you know, buying a kit seems lot easier...

I was perusing the Fusion Beads web site one day, and came across this kit by Glass Garden Beads:

 These are the beads included in this kit, which is a beginner kit and uses Ladder Stitch.

While I'm pretty sure I could handle ladder stitch, to me this would also look good on a loom, and since the project I bought (Alegrado Bracelet) is actually an *Advanced* kit, I thought this might be a better place for me to start!

I also purchased this book from Amazon, Guide to Beading with a Loom by Jamie Cloud Eakin.

I had the idea I wanted to make some bracelets with fiber, and woo hoo, there's a project in the book that will allow me to do that as well!

So, have I started this new project yet?  No.  Because as I mentioned, there are not 86 hours in a day.  My son goes to college at the end of August, so I am thinking with an empty house I may have more time to start loom beading.  I will let you know when I finish my first project!

Susan Kennedy


  1. I am comforted by the fact that there are other's out there with the intentions to try new crafts and even sometime after purchasing the materials to make it happen they find there isn't enough time to do it all....but we remain ever hopeful, the positivity of the eager crafter !

  2. I am SO intrigued! I too have a loom that a friend gave me free from an estate sale hoard she stumbled on... I want to get graph paper and start planning designs... oh year - after Beadfest when I make the days have 86 hours. LOL

  3. Susan, I wish you luck with your first looming adventure. I love looming but like you there is not enough time to do it all. Right now I'm bead weaving but have a couple of loom projects I want to do. Now how do we stretch those hours for crafts. I hope you enjoy your new adventure.

  4. Would love to have a go at the fibre ones :P

  5. Ooooh, I can't wait to see what you create when you finally get the time!


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