Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lampwork Tutorial Roundup

How many lampworkers are reading this blog, raise your hands?  Do you like to get info on tutorials to try out? Are you a new lampworker and would like some ideas?  This post is for you! 

One of the most important books, in my humble opinion, for any lampworker would be Corina Tettinger's book, "Passing the Flame." If you want a comprehensive book on glass beadmaking, I haven't found another that is this good. It is somewhat expensive, but worth it! The link above is for

Another publication of Corina's that I have found very valuable is her Spotlight Publication, "Spotlight on Silver."  There are many excellent mini tutorials in this little publication on how to use silver foil in your beadmaking. The link above is for Frantz Art Glass, where you can find this mini book. Corina also teaches all over the world, if you're interested in taking a class from her.

For inspiration, there is nothing better than 1000 Beads by Lark, Kristina Logan Juror.  There is so much eye candy in this book, you can't help but be inspired by the glass beads that are included.

For fun, I really like Jennifer Geldard's tutorial, The Bird!  She not only is a glass beadmaker but also an artist.  She makes some awesome birds and this is the one I made from her tutorial. Unfortunately, at the time I am writing this post, I can only find one tutorial available, which is the Ornate Series.  Here's a link to her web site, maybe you can ask if she will be publishing The Bird tutorial again.

Another FREE tutorial I really like is from Laura at Chestnut Ridge Designs - she has some awesome tutorials on her blog and offers them for free!  How generous!  Here are some beads I made from one of her tutorials (the link goes to her tutorial page on her blog).

Another tutorial that I really enjoy is from Patsy LeBlanc - her Tide Pool tutorial from etsy.  This tutorial gives you a great basis to make the beads she shows, but also to go forward and make your own discoveries.  She has the silvered enamel powder available in her etsy shop if you use up all the powder your receive with your tutorial!

If you're feeling a huge lack of inspiration, as I am, you could purchase Kim Neely's "Creativity Bootcamp" tutorial. Kim's beads were the first beads I ever coveted on eBay, although I never purchased from her - her beads typically went for astronomical prices!  This is a great way to help you jump start your creativity and get out of the creative slump that we all sometimes experience.

Another resource which is awesome is to subscribe to Soda Lime Times - it's an emag published once per month for $4.95 - what a bargain!  Many many well-known lampwork bead artists provide tutorials in the magazine, and you can purchase back issues as well.

In addition to all of these great tutorials, you can always find free tutorials on glass purveyors web sites, or YouTube.  I like Glass Diversions for some great basic tutorials on using CZs, or working with Copper Leaf/Foil. 

Frantz Art Glass provides tutorials on their blog as well as showing you examples of all the new colors that are constantly being produced, by Effetre and CIM. 

Mary Lockwood offers some free lampwork tutorials on her blog!

Lampwork Etc. also has a section that provides free lampwork tutorials.  

And don't forget we have some great FREE lampwork tutorials right here at the AJE blog!

In fact, if you Google, Free Lampwork Tutorials, you will find so many your head will spin!  I hope this post today was of some value to the lampworkers who read this blog, and I hope you enjoy these great tutorial resources!

Susan Kennedy

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