Friday, October 23, 2015

Do you want to learn beadweaving?

Some of my teammates have recently begun trying there hand at bead embroidery.  I am so impressed with what they are learning and in fact they are taking it to a level I have not yet reached which does make me kind of envious.  However each time it comes to actually beadweaving they are left feeling a bit like this....

How many of you have picked up a magazine and looked at the diagrams and thought you were looking at some sort of alien script?  I have heard so many times from those who look at beadweaving in awe that they could never do it.  Either they are afraid of the tiny little treasures or they are just plain stumped.  I myself felt that way when I first saw it.

I am more of a visual learner.  Meaning I like to see the needle actually go through the beads how they are supposed to instead of reading things like, pass through the starting bead or step up through bead A.  I love tutorials that have images of the actual beading.

Maybe you are not ready to purchase a tutorial or you need more than just pictures.  Well I am going to reintroduce you to........YouTube.

Yes there are hundreds of videos out there to show you all you need to know.  Really I am not kidding!  I am going to tell you about 2 of my favorite channels.

First up is Jill Wiseman Designs.

Jill is one of those designers that gets excited about bringing new beaders into the craft.  So much so that she has videos on many of the basic stitches.  She also uses terms like "sticky uppy bead" that really explain where you are going.  She also has free project videos for those stitches and more when you feel you are ready.  Sometimes when I am not sure how to start a stitch I will refer back to her videos for a refresher.  You may need to give yourself a few watches to feel comfortable but I know you will love learning from her.

Now sometimes you just need a boost to get your mojo going or you need to get a jump on using the new beads out there then I have another site for you to check out.

Potomac Bead Company has a YouTube channel that is chock full of projects using the latest beads out there and especially their exclusive RounDuo beads.  Which if you haven't heard of them you need to check them out.  I have done a few of the projects and I really enjoy them.

Let me know what you think and if you have done any of the projects.

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  1. Great resources! Thanks - maybe a cup of tea and some videos are in my future!


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