Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Beading with Sharon Borsavage

I have long admired the work of Sharon Borsavage.  I asked her if she would make a few pieces of jewelry for this post using some of my lampwork beads, and if she would answer a few questions about herself and her inspiration!


Sharon lives in PA and her day job is a designer for a tile showroom. She states, "We help people pick out their tile for new homes, remodeling projects, etc. In the past few years though I do more bookwork than designing, but that is okay...I have worked there for 25 years! I do everything I guess you can say, but the day goes by fast and I love the people I work with and because we have a customer base of contractors and stores that have been consistent over many years I have a big extended family and I know many wonderful people!"
When she has free time, she makes jewelry and art. "I used to do a little polymer clay, and have saved some of the better beads I made. I loooove doing mixed media. It is a passion of mine and collage is another passion! My college background and degree is in Fine Art, so that is my first love. Inks, paints and paper make me happy!"

Sharon is mostly self taught. "I initially took a beginner wire work jewelry class many years ago, which fueled my love of making jewelry. I bought many books, and taught myself almost everything. The only online classes I have taken are from Deryn Mentock, of course one of the best in the business, and that was on bezel making, and some silversmithing. I was taught in college that you could teach yourself ANYTHING from a good book and peristence and practice. Of course classes are much easier! Oh, I have taken a silversmithing class online from Terri Brush that I liked a lot too!"

Sharon's jewelry takes on a lot of vintage feel.  She states, "A lot of my inspiration comes from flea markets and vintage shops. I buy a lot of vintage jewelry and take it apart. I love using little bits and pieces from it. I could spend hours and hours in these shops, and sometimes do! I am also immensely inspired by my fellow artists! Everything everyone creates inspires me to create!"

Sharon tells me, "My favorite materials are sterling silver, big baroque pearls when I can afford them..ha,...lampwork glass, and almost any gemstone! But seriously, put me in any bead shop and I start to have heart palpitations!"

You can see Sharon's jewelry in her etsy store, Livewire Jewelry.   Here are a few of my favorite pieces from her store!

Susan Kennedy
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  1. I am a fan of Sharon's work as well as yours, so it was fun to see them together! Great interview too!

  2. It was great to do this project with you Susan, your glass beads are beautiful and I was thrilled to create something unique with them! I was also honored to be able to share some of my background with your followers, thank you so much for the opportunity!

  3. Sharon is a wonderful jewelry creator, and woman- I own many of her fantastic necklaces and earrings, and love them. This was a beautiful feature of my dear friend, thank you !! And I love the pieces she created using your beautiful lamp work beads !!


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