Saturday, November 15, 2014

Searching for a Voice, Part 2

Back in the summer, I posted about trying to find my own voice with my Melismatic Morsels, and shared my initial experimentation with carving my own designs in stamps.

First attempts at carving stamps!
I have been working on these ideas and refining some designs and venturing into new designs as well! Many of you know that I make rosaries as part of my jewelry business...there was a demand for well-made ones that didn't pull apart or break, and I started making wire-wrapped ones. These are beautiful, heirloom quality pieces but up until now, my only recourse has been to use mass produced crucifixes and centers. I did find a wonderful company that creates reproductions of vintage pieces that I have used, but I really wanted to be able to create my own, to make them as unique as possible.

One of my wire-wrapped rosaries using mass-produced, albeit unique and lovely components.

With my new found metal clay skills and the purchase of a kiln, I thought, why not? So, I set out to create my own rosary components. I queried my clay sculpting friends on learning to scuplt...specifically a crucifix. Umm, I have never sculpted anything before. No pressure there! Teammates Jenny and Karen gently talked me down, and made me realize that it was not something I should pursue with the hopes of getting it together for an upcoming show! Thanks, ladies!

Tweaking my bird stamp and a trial of my first cross in polymer

What I did decide to do was attempt to carve some crosses, sans Christ, that would be a unique, personal addition to my rosaries, or jewelry for that matter. Here are my 1st attempts in copper clay, and I have to say, I am really proud of the outcome. One stamp to make the initial impression in the clay, but I carved the leather dry pieces to make each one different and special. I even added my own sculpted element. I envision some more plain ones with bezel-set stones as well...stay tuned!

Greenware with the stamps.

Fired, pickled and patina..yet!

In progress stamp carvings for future cross designs

Next step are are" unique to me" rosary centers...I have a few ideas but that will be for another day and another post.

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