Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Design Dilemma - My Struggle

Here we are again.  I am outing myself about my struggle.  So many times the art beads inspire a design that flows perfectly and I am so happy BUT..... clasping them is where I falter.  I am showing you a few pieces that have stopped me from finishing because I am just unsure.  Should the clasp speak as part of the design or should it just be a joining factor?
This one is for a very good friend and I just need to know if I should keep it simple.

Thinking of just a simple ball and socket clasp because the chain is so simple

Should this one have a beaded clasp?

Loving the look of this one and I am debating between a flower pulled from the design or keep the color in the back the same.

I welcome all your thoughts and suggestions as I am stumped!  Do you have clasp issues too?



  1. If your clasp is at the back of the necklace, I would always keep it simple. More complex clasps can get tangled in hair, or scratch the neck. For the first one, I would think a simple s link would nicely connect the two finished ends of your rope (I recently learned to finish a spiral that way and love it!).
    For the second, I like your idea of the simple ball and socket clasp.
    Number 3 I think would look nice with a beaded toggle clasp.
    Number 4 is harder. This is a much more complex piece than the others, so you really do want a clasp that works with the design harmoniously, but again, it is at the back, so you want to stick with simple and not going to irritate... maybe a hidden snap to join the two braided sections... put another sunflower component on top of the snap to dress it up...

  2. My hair is long and covers the back of my neck. If that is where I will clasping the necklace, I put a simple clasp on that will not snag my hair. But for my daughter, who has short hair, I try to make the clasp bolder and part of the design.
    What the clasp should be like also depends upon how the piece will be worn-will the clasp be under a collar or will it show?
    Of course, I still like my clasps to be pretty and flow with the design of whatever I am making.

  3. 1 yes keep it simple. 2. Also simple to match the chain. 3. Yes a beaded clasp, or another pearl with a simple loop? 4 I think you should use a flower. They are all lovely.

  4. Those are beautiful designs. As for clasps, I like to make the back of the necklace its own point of interest when I can find the right clasp. I know it's usually hidden under the wearer's hair, but if they have short hair, or wear it up, I like to have a little surprise design element back there.

  5. Well, here's my two cents worth, my friend. Going in order of the pics, I think the clasp for the top one needs to stay in proportion to the pendant, since it is a substantial size.
    The blue flower, I agree, a ball clasp will work perfectly.
    The blue pearl one, I'd like to see an embellished pearl with a loop for that one to follow the design.
    The sunflower I have to say is my fave! Definitely create another flower for the clasp on this one. You rocked these designs girl!

  6. Hi Kristen, A clasp should defiantly be part of the design. It would make your beautiful pieces truly be your work to include the clasp as part of the design. You work is so lovely don't just put on any clasp on it. Clasps don't need to be fancy they should match the style of the design. Simple would be fine for the first design because the spiral rope is simple. For the second pieces a ball and socket would look good. Your suggestion for the third piece is correct make a stitched clasp. The sunflower design is gorgeous. I think a flower clasp would set it off well. Kristen you should trust you instincts all of these designs show how capable you really are. You make such beautiful jewelry but you should not let the clasps be a struggle just be confident that you can do it and you will be able to. I agree with all of your clasp suggestions so you are doing it right. Just believe in yourself.


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