Sunday, June 1, 2014

Feathers in Nature and Art

I have been collecting feathers for some time... what an amazing work of nature! Though I collect feathers, I have to be careful to not collect those of certain species. The Migratory Bird Act forbids collection and keeping of certain species like Blue Jay and other song birds, owls, crows, etc. Turkeys and other game birds are okay. For more information about this, see:
Larousse pour tous
I did a quick google search and found this diagram of all the different parts of a feather - I had no idea there were names for them.

I am fascinated by the wide variety of feathers all over this earth.

From earthy woodland colors and textures...

To brightly hued tropical and rainforest versions, such as these macaw and flamingo feathers...

Feathers are ancient. Dinosaurs had them. We find fallen feather impressions in eons-old stone...

No wonder then that we love them so much, that we make them into art...

Porcelain feathers by Nancy Adams
Feather sketch by me
Feather pendant by Heather Powers
Feather necklace by Heather Powers
Feather Pendant by Kylie Parry
Feather drops by Rebekah Payne
Raku feather pottery by Tserisa
Feather and other bird themed beads by me

Feathers by Marisa Redondo

Feather art by Chris Maynard

I hope you enjoyed this little visual tour of feathers and the art inspired by them. :)


  1. You have me thinking I need to make metal feathers. And that I need some artwork by Marisa Redondo. I've always been amazed at how silky feathers feel. A chicken is as soft as a bunny!

    1. I hope you DO make metal feathers!

    2. Keirsten please please make some. Karen I adore your work. Love the post.

  2. OMG! I had no idea I couldn't keep a blue jay feather! I found one on my walk way several years ago and I've had it on a pegboard in my studio..... Beautiful feather art!


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