Sunday, May 4, 2014

Update from Starry Road Studio

Just another update from the new studio at Starry Road...

After a long hard winter, construction is mostly complete.

Throughout much of the construction, I was not able to work in ceramics, not having my ceramic kilns available. So I spent a lot of time working in metal...

As much as I enjoy metal, I was hankering for clay. FINALLY, this past week, I was able to return to clay. I returned to familiar woodland and ocean themes.

Though familiar, I am enjoying pushing these themes to new variations. Before I started the move, I wanted to explore simpler more graphic forms. I had a chance to try a few in the last few days...

In other news, we adopted a new pup, a 20 month old german shepherd rescue. We decided to call her Ulla. Our older shep is still getting used to her, but so far, all seems to be going well. I love watching them play. :)

Pups from Karen Totten on Vimeo.

Shepherd Play from Karen Totten on Vimeo.


  1. Glad to read your studio is mostly complete-very exciting! Boy can I relate to that as mine is about 75% done. I absolutely love your new metal work and am looking forward to the ceramic pieces. Love the seasbiscuits! Seasbiscuits and sand dollars have always been my favorite ocean treasures.

    How wonderful that you have added another fur baby to your family. Even better that it is a rescue! I bet the two dogs will be pals in no time at all.

  2. First, Ulla has so much energy! She looks like she's having a ton of fun. Second..Omgosh, love love the little bird houses and the adorable squid! (And all the others, too!)

  3. Glad to see things coming to fruition after such a long hard winter.

  4. I love, love, love those new designs, Karen - they're awesome! Can't wait to see them fired and glazed. Congrats on nearing the finish line on the new place - I know it's been a long haul.

    Ulla seems happy and rambunctious! So much fun!

  5. Yes it was a long hard winter but with the new studio and all the new inspiration it looks like it will be an amazing summer for you!!!!!

  6. As much as I love your metal work, I am glad that you are being able to work with the clay again. That squid is just adorable.

  7. I've enjoyed watching your studio progression and am excited for you as it nears completion. I sense a bit of whimsy in the new ceramic designs; perhaps an indication of the delight you feel about getting back to your ceramic studio work.

  8. I'm so happy you're playing in the mud again!


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