Sunday, October 20, 2013

Seeing Orange...

Well it is that time of year: FALL. I am surrounded by so much amazing autumn foliage color in hues of golden yellow, orange and red.I am most drawn to ORANGE. Join me in a brief visual tour of some beady treasures in ORANGE...

Spike Style Tribal Donut by Staci Smith

Little Bumblebeads by Christine Damm

All Hallows Eve Discs by Missficklemedia

Sunset Porcelain Double Rose Charms by Suburban Girl Beads

Fire Heart Pendant by Missficklemedia

Shaman Medicine Stick Bone Pendant, from Missficklemedia

Knobby Hoop Earrings by ChrysalisToo

Orange Tango WoolyWire by WoolyWire Etc

Autumn Pebbles by Glass Addictions

Paprika Earring Chains by Missficklemedia

Harvest Moon Batiks by Genea Beads

Tribal Rustic Graffiti Focal by Staci Smith

Rustic Discs by Outwest


  1. Great post! Orange is one of my favorites too, and you've shown some superb examples. Fun read on a Sunday afternoon.

  2. ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this post!

  3. Orange isn't one of my first choices for colour, but I think I'm going to reconsider seeing those beautiful pieces!


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