Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When an 11 is more than an 11

If you work with seeds you understand my title completely.  If not let me once again enlighten you all.  I have been working on some beaded beads for a friend and discovering what I sort of already new through trial and error but I am not sure everyone is aware.

Here is a picture of the two seed beads I am currently working with.....
They look like they are the same don't they.  Well as I was working with them to make a smaller beaded bead based on what I have learned from Liz at the The Crimson Moon I really learned something.
Here is a picture of the blue beads I made.....
They look nice right?  Well they didn't want to fit properly around the pearl I was using but I think they still work.  These were Toho's from Michael's.
Here are the pretty opaque luster green beads.......
Now I have to tell you these really look awesome.  Nice and uniform all around the bead and they all sat so nicely.  These are Toho's from a friend.
Here they are next to each other......
Tell me what you think!
I wish for you all to have a safe and healthy holiday that is filled with love and family and can not wait to chat in the new year!


  1. Yes, I'm totally in tune with you girl! I still think they both look nice, just depends on the style you are going for as to which you use in the design. Great job!

  2. Are you saying the top ones are faux tohos?
    ( sorry, I couldn't resist!) :)
    Ho ho ho to you too!

  3. I think both beads are beautiful, but yeah, the size is a bit inconsistent. lol! I bet that's really frustrating!


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