Sunday, June 7, 2015

You Packed the Beads FIRST?

Yes, I did!  We are packing our apartment for a move across town at the end of the month...and I packed my beads first.  Why?  Well, like many of us, I have a tendency to get distracted by my beads...badly.  I learned during our last couple of moves that if I leave them till the end to pack, I end up not packing because I'm too busy beading!  So this time I just kept out a few boxes, very carefully chosen, full of WIP's and the beads to go with them.
This is what my bead living room looked like when I started...terrifying right?  This is why I'm really glad that I only have 600 square feet to pack right now!
I decided to keep my boxes of WIP's (top right), and UFO's (bottom right), and my vintage sequins (bottom left) unpacked.  As I was packing, I stashed beads for each WIP in it's corresponding box.  Part of the reason I kept the sequins out is that they need sorted...badly...  The other reason is that I have several embroidery projects in the works that I hope to incorporate sequins into.  The top left picture shows two segmented boxes that I usually use for sorting after I've finished projects.  But right now, they're the catchall containers for the beads and other beady detritus that keeps turning up all over the apartment.

The WIP boxes are my favorite things to root through right now.  Remember all those sketches I've been working on?  Well, I finally pulled beads out so I can work on a few of them!
Vintage lampwork key by Jen Cameron
Raku spiral bead by Caroline Dewison
Lampwork cabochon by Sue Kennedy
Spiral hare cab by Laura Mears, ceramic flower cabs by Lesley Watt, lampwork beads and focal by Sue Kennedy, ceramic triclops bead by Dana Swisher.  These two projects ended up with essentially the same palette, so I only needed to pull one batch of seed beads!
I also kept a few beads and components out to inspire me to make something for our Firefly theme challenge this month.  I honestly don't know if I'll have any time for beading until we're settled in the new place...but just in case, I'm fully prepared!

Packing is stressful!  But by eliminating temptation, I am able to help myself not get distracted...and yet still have enough here to work with as a treat for a job well done.  How do you cope when dealing with big life events like a move?  Do you have packing tips or tricks?  We would love to know!


  1. My packing tip which I wish I followed is to get rid of things aggressively.

  2. You are a smart woman to eliminate this distraction! When I pack, I am ruthless about getting rid of things. It's a good chance to clean out.

  3. You are doing great packing distractions. I can't even imagine packing all my beading stuff, much less my house. Good luck!

  4. What a great idea to get rid of those distracting beads. If you want, I can keep an eye on them for you until you are settled, LOL. I go along with the first tip. Get rid of stuff aggressively! I'm going to be moving in the coming year I think and am already thinking what can I do without? Not bead stuff, that's for sure....or tools.


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