Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A complete hot mess

As we have discussed many times I have beading ADD,

This is the tray that holds the "Awaiting" pieces.  By "Awaiting" I mean that I have had to move them off my tray to either be clasped, fixed or a dilemma that I want to talk about today.  What is that dilemma you ask?


When I am working on pieces it always happens.  I am on a roll and I can picture the part I am working on perfectly in my mind.  All is going along as planned and BAM!  The inspiration just stops.

This is my current working tray,

So I have broke it down to show you what the road block is.  Part one.

I loved the chain played with when I reviewed "Creating with Shaped Beads" that I knew it would be perfect for a fun necklace using the Starry Road Studio cab I have had bezeled forever.  What happened?  Well as it does happen when I get excited I miscalculated the amount of beads I need so now I am waiting for a spark to make it work.

Part 2

I have been super excited to work with one of Staci's sugar skulls.  I had been waiting for it to start whispering to me and it finally happened.  I was on a roll and then, you guessed it BAM!  I keep getting the inspiration in spirts.  Some of them are working but others are not.  So stuck I am!

Part 3

Here is the funny thing as I was getting ready to take pictures for this post I paired all the colors up with this gorgeous donut from Starry Road Studio.  But what I am going to do with it has not yet come to me.

Does this happen to you?


  1. I know this situation is just too well! Looks even worse on my table :)

  2. Happens ALL the time. I love seeing how other people cope with it!

  3. I had to strip my whole bead table today, lay every extraneous item out on the floor, organize everything and put it all away. I am a creative clutterbug, but mess just kills my muse. If it's not a mess, and my muse still isn't working, sometimes I just sit and stitch little weird ugly things while staring at the project I should be working on. It never fails to get my juices flowing!

  4. All the time. I'm not much of a sketcher, but when I find myself "stuck," that's when I reach for the ol' sketchbook.

  5. I have two trays each with 3 - 4 projects. Sometimes I'll challenge myself and make all the projects I've put on the trays while listening to an inspiring cd or talk show. Other times I'll put them all away and start again. Its nice to know I'm not alone in this process!


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