Thursday, July 31, 2014

Component of the Month REVEAL! (July 2014 Edition)

This is the only the second time I've hosted the monthly component challenge, and - if I'm being really honest - I've been very, very nervous both times. I am not really a component maker per se; I make most of my own components, but I don't make them to sell individually, so the things I make are for my own use. The other ladies here at Art Jewelry Elements make such beautiful components are are so PROLIFIC about it (seriously) that I felt very... well, I guess "intimidated" isn't too strong a word. So I screwed up my courage and prepared a bunch of glass cabochons for folks to play with.

Today's the day everyone posts what they made... and I'm more than a little excited to see their creations! (With so many members of the AJE team getting ready for BeadFest, I was especially grateful that several of them took time to do the component challenge this month.) Join me in checking them out - and be sure to leave a comment letting them know what you thought! (And psssstt: my post includes a kind of big announcement - for me, anyway! - that's directly related to this month's challenge!)

Guest Designers

Carol Briody -

The AJE Team

Caroline Dewison -

Susan Kennedy -

Melissa Meman -

Jenny Davies-Reazor -

Francesca Watson (yours truly!) -

Until next time - 


  1. I'm going blog hopping now and am really looking forward to seeing everyone's creations!

  2. Francesca, you did a FABULOUS job hosting this COM! You kept in touch, answered all of my 'newbie' questions, and made gorgeous components! I had such a good time and gained about a zillion tons of confidence as a result of this opportunity! Thanks to everyone at AJE and to all of the very kind AJE Readers who left wonderful comments at my blogsite! I'm heading over to see everyone else's creations right now! Happily, Carol!

  3. I think your cabs are FABULOUS!! I hate that you beat yourself up over this, but they turned out so well. You should be proud.


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