Friday, September 13, 2013

Treasure trove. Creative storage?

Freeform Friday - Bonus edition. 

Treasure trove - creative storage... 

Antique paper bead box. Have you been good? 
Last week I posted pictures of some treasures I unearthed while cleaning and packing at my parent's house. As we were chatting on Facebook - Jennifer wondered where I put all this stuff, and how I knew what I had... where things were... I am planning a follow up post showing some of my creations using the featured treasures - but I need a bit more time for that so I decided to illustrate the storage. The storage of treasures. 

My studio my mixed media and jewelry studio ( as opposed to the ceramics studio) is in a spare bedroom, Its a normal sized room I suppose, feels small to me as its chocked full of treasure. This is where I work with beads, metal, enamel, polymer, collage, shrines, bookbinding, journaling, watercolor... I try to have it feel comfortable, be organized, inspire, and not be a total chaotic mess. 

Printers racks - storage and display all in one. 
I will admit - there is no real system. I just sort of know where things are... Whether its my Virgo status, or a trace of OCD, it works for me. So much of my artwork involves containers, revealing and concealing in shrines, etc that its not a surprise that I love containers of all sorts. This one if the main repository of found object treasures: 
The find of the decade - and it was cheap! 
My Dad and I found it at an auction. I cant figure what it was originally used for - any thoughts? 

Now - for the first time - I will allow a peak inside a few drawers! 

Ivory miniatures, antique bone game pieces, MahJong tiles, optometrist lenses. 
Stuff. More stuff. 
The organic drawer - shells, bark, pods, and antique pottery shards.  (Because there was room. )
Rusty scraps of metal, found bits. antique glass lenses, test tubes. 

Sadly - the treasures I pictured last week are still homeless. They will get put away soon, in a caffeine fueled frenzy of organization, no doubt. I feel like I have revealed deep dark secrets! My name is Jenny and I am a packrat...

My Grandmother's make-up case/luggage. Current resting place for treasures until they are put away... 

Stay tuned - I will show you a few of last weeks treasures put to use!



  1. Ooh now your studio looks totally rummage worthy to me Jenny - I could spend hours nosing around in there If I were allowed!. It's a little small but the cabinet reminds me of those I used to see in my dad's office when I was a kid - draughtsman's cabinets where they kept all their engineers drawings and blueprints...certainly looks like the top drawers were meant fpr papers of some sort. Thanks for lwtting us take a peek.

    Oh and Happy Birthday :0)

  2. Hee Hee Thanks Lesley. I contemplated a triskadekaphobia post - but it wasnt very jewelry themed! Please come over anytime to have a rummage! I have a spare room and 2 friendly canines, and the room could accommodate 2 people working...

  3. Your "find of the decade" cabinet is wonderful. What is it about storage cabinets like that I love no matter how old and crusty? Actually I think the more old and crusty they are the more I love them. And your grandmothers make up case too!! So fun to see how all your little treasures live!

  4. That cabinet looks exactly like one I was just admiring while sitting in my dentist's office! But I like what I see in yours better. ;)

  5. I love seeing how other people organize their stuff. I have always wondered how artists that use found treasures keep them organized so it doesn't become a box filled with stuff they can never find. I ADORE that "beads for good children" box! What an awesome find.

  6. Thanks for giving us a peek at your treasures!

  7. Wow, you have some amazing treasure Jenny! Thank you for sharing. I love the little bead box too, we should re invent those!


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