Saturday, August 10, 2013

Key to My Heart...

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my Molten Morsel components for AJE's Component of the Month challenge for August.  I was wowed by the wonderful comments I got for are the best readers ever!  One of the favorites of the morsels, it seems, was the oval "key" component.

I haven't really incorporated actual keys or key images into my work before, but I must admit that I am drawn to them.  I always look for them if I am out and about browsing antique and/or thrift shops.

Antique market finds!

What is it about these vintage, ornate (or not) keys?  It seems I am not alone in my love and fascination for them...they seem to evoke some romantic and mysterious vibe. If you search for "antique keys" or "skeleton keys" on Pinterest you come up with loads of stuff!  FYI...Did you know that a "skeleton key" refers to a specific type of antique key that actually is able to unlock multiple doors, and many that are referred to as skeleton keys, are not at all!  Here is an interesting article I stumbled upon while reading up.

This week, after looking at keys and different designs, I decided to create one out of copper sheet.  I traced a key I have onto copper sheet, sawed it out, filed it, embossed it, and gave it a LOS bath.  It turned out cute, but I decided it was lonely.  I then cut out a free-form heart shape, added a key hole, dapped it and enameled it in a pretty red shade.  Not to leave anyone guessing, I added a tag stamped with "key to my heart".  Cute...they will probably become a simple necklace. Note to self...use heavier gauge sheet for future attempts!

A few other beautiful examples of key love...

Ceramic pendants by Jenny Davies-Reazor

Bronze clay heart and key by Lesley Watt

Brass key with patina by Sue Kennedy
Lampwork necklace by VenBead
Do you share my love of antique keys?  Have you incorporated vintage keys in your designs? Tell us about it!

Happy Saturday!

Melissa Meman
Melismatic Art Jewelry
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  1. Gorgeous work Melissa! Love your pendant!

  2. I have a thing for keys - I always find myself thinking about the doors they unlocked, the lives that were lived behind those doors, the hands that carried them... I'm a storyteller at heart, I guess. Your pendant is a lot of fun and I LOVE the molten morsel key!

  3. I love that pendant, too! A few months back I found a box of old keys at the gem show and I sorted through them and came up with thirteen wonderful keys, rust and all. My husband cleaned them up for me and I just sealed some with ren wax and others I brushed some patina on. It was so exciting to think of the stories they could tell. I put them on long chains, some with ceramic art beads and some with ancient carnelian. A customer got two right away and one sold on the counter at the store when I was delivering them. People gravitate to keys and key images. I love to wear the key necklace I kept just for me.

  4. Your pendant is just great! I love old keys and all the designs you showed are fabulous.

  5. I recently picked up 3 old keys at an antique shop. I have a design idea for one, but haven't begun working on it yet. I love your pendant and molten morsel!!

  6. I LOVE old keys - Part of my 'door fascination' I guess. Your charms/pendants are very cool. I like to wrap sari ribbon and beads around keys and 'dress them up a bit' and some I like to leave plain because they're just perfect they way they are! I think people are obsessed with keys because they want to know what doors they've unlocked and what/who was behind those doors,....


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