Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Work Space + Uninspiration!

Melissa has been so nice to show us her work space, I thought I'd share mine too.  When I get uninspired, I tend to try and figure out why, which doesn't really help all that much does it?  So then I try and clean up my work space.  This is what I'm going to work on this week.  Hopefully it will help!

Here's a little bookshelf that my son helped me put together!  I use it to hold my tumbler, my small crockpot, extra enameling beads, and various "stuff"!

Under my work table - bottles I use to either melt down and make cheese trays, or break them up to use for recycled bottle beads.  The bag is pieces of broken glass leftover from a class I took at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  Goodness, Sue, do something with it...

This used to be a rack that held kid toys - of course it didn't last that long because toys get more numerous and bigger!  Now it holds all my presses and pressing tools, frit, murrini, lampworking enamel, shorts, and extra containers that I just can't throw away! Oh yeah, and that little respirator mask too.

My bench - don't really need to explain the mess, do I?

This is a makeshift moveable rack for all my glass.  It used to be a bookshelf; there's a handle on the side, there are casters on the bottom and pvc pipe to hold the glass colors.  I outgrew this long ago!  Hence the vases full of glass on the photo above!  On top are my large hole rods, glass, and frit on a lazy susan.

My tv, kiln, and wall where my bead roller tools hang.

Another shelf holding tutorials and books, extra enameling pieces, and more glass and more frit!

More glass on the floor.  What????

 Oh.  More glass on the floor.   WHAAAAAT??????

The window sill - holds old coke bottles and my wonky rods, that I use to make those flowery plant pokes!

The work table, where I have my polymer toaster oven, where I take photos, and various "Junk" that needs to be put away.  And more glass....

So, next time I post, hopefully at least two or three of these places will be neater.  What?


  1. I find keeping my studio space organized is one of the most difficult jobs. No matter how hard I try or how often I try to organize it's a mess again before I know it. I look forward to seeing how you get it done!

  2. I've been in the reorganizing the studio phase myself. It makes my head spin a little sorting all of that stuff. Where does it all come from? And do I really need it all? Good luck with you sorting and sifting.

  3. I took photos of my workspace in December when I got a new work bench and completely overhauled my room...with some help from my guys! I took a few photos as things were going into place, and thought I would take few final photos when the project was finished and everything was put away. Instead, it only got worse, ....much worse! Time for my 6-month clean-up again! Maybe I'll get some photos this time! :-)

  4. Hahahaa! It's SO nice to know I'm not the only one! My high school teacher once called me a schizophrenic thinker and my art studio, and various art interests, pretty much reflect that. I have wire, beads, polymer clay, alchohol inks, watercolors, oil paints, pencils, art pads/books, a torch, tumbler, crock pot (about to add ferric acid for etching), various hammers and tools.... well, geez, no need to explain to soul sisters, now is there!? I just love that I found so many people like me. I guess schizophrenic thinking is just an "artist" thing! :)

  5. It does look like you have a spacious studio - just dont trip on all that glass! I like organizing days. SOmetimes time spent just IN the studio are restorative and invigorating!

  6. Sue, it looks like you collect glass rods the way I collect beads. There's no hope for us.....lol!

  7. I think you need an entire wall dedicated to glass storage .. if not two ;) lol

  8. ohhh, I think skye has the answer! Build a wall storage unit for your glass....I used to work at JoAnns and in the floral section, we had these little plastic "vases" that hung on a special frame and is what was used to hold all the silk flowers. I am sure something like that would be great for your glass......sounds like a field trip to JoAnns......Way to go Skye...I am in the middle of rearranging my space and I "stuff" everywhere right now......

  9. I have issues with glass laying in random spots too...lol!


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